October 4, 2022

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COVID-19, US suspends mask-wearing obligation on planes and public transportation: A moratorium imposed by a federal judge

The United States suspended the obligation to wear face masks on planes and other public transportation, as well as at airports and stations, after a federal judge in Florida overturned the measure. Judge Catherine Kimball-Maisel, Donald Trump’s cabinet appointee in Tampa (Florida) District Court, found that the CDC ordinance exceeds the “legal authority” of the US National Public Health Agency.

The decision comes during the resumption of injuries, which led to the revival of the city of Philadelphia only 24 hours ago Masks must be worn indoors.

The federal government recently renewed the requirement to wear masks on public transportation until at least May 3. A senior US government official told Efe, who asked not to be identified, that the judge’s decision “means that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) order to wear a mask on public transportation is no longer in effect.” The source explained that the CDC still recommends that “people continue to wear masks in enclosed spaces associated with public transportation,” but they can no longer adhere to this.

Federal government agencies are still reviewing the judge’s ruling and considering potential steps, but it is unclear whether Americans will have to re-wear face masks on planes, trains, buses or subways in the future.

The government extended the mandatory use of face masks in all transportation networks ordered by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), which applies to planes, airports, buses and rail, on April 13 and for another two weeks. In the opinion of the Florida Magistrate’s Judge, the CDC did not adequately justify its decision and did not comply with the procedures.

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