Genocide is underway in Ukraine. Thanks to me, the United States is the first nuclear power

Genocide is underway in Ukraine.  Thanks to me, the United States is the first nuclear power

Former President of the United States: “I think in 100 years people will look over their shoulders and ask themselves how we and NATO have been able to stand by and watch.”

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Not just Biden: Former US President Donald Trump also spoke of “genocide” in reference to violence committed against civilians in the context of the war in Ukraine. This was reported by the American press, recalling that two days ago the current tenant of the White House, Joe Biden, publicly accused Russia and its President Vladimir Putin of committing genocide. In an interview with “Fox News”, Trump again criticized his successor in terms of economic policy, and in particular the record increase in inflation. “And let’s add to this what is happening in Ukraine. It is genocide,” declared the former president, who in recent days had called the invasion of Ukraine a “holocaust.” The Republican said he was convinced that if he had stayed in the White House, he could have avoided the conflict in Ukraine by adopting an uncompromising line from the start: “I think in 100 years people will look back and wonder how we and NATO did,” the former US president said, The United States “has, thanks to me, the best nuclear arsenal in the world.” A statement that is not at all reassuring, considering that Russia also has thousands of atomic bombs.

Genocide? France and China: “Do not escalate the speech”

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Yesterday, French President Macron also spoke about the genocide thesis, which he tried to mitigate: “It is certain that the Russian army committed war crimes – he said – we now need to find those responsible and bring them to justice.” “Genocide makes sense – he continued in France 2, as France prepares for the presidential run-off – the Ukrainian people and the Russian people are two brother peoples. What is happening is madness.” But he continued to talk about an “unacceptable situation”, at the same time “I look at the facts and I want to try as much as possible to continue” working to “stop this war” and “so I am not sure that escalating the rhetoric will help achieve” peace. China shares the same view, that the international community “should try to de-escalate the situation” in Ukraine, “not fan the flames,” and “should push for a diplomatic solution, not exacerbate tensions.”

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