“Science and civil society with no deforestation”

“Science and civil society with no deforestation”

Minister of Environment BrazilAnd Marina Silvadeclared that there is no consensus of the Amazon on a concrete commitment to the goal of “Zero deforestation“Exists from the side of civil society and science and will be included in the second final document of the Summit of the Organization of Cooperation Treaty States in the Amazon region (goose) is underway a Belém. Minister Silva announced during the radio programbom dia”:”This summit will have two declarations: the Joint Statement of the Eight (Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela) and the Joint Statement of the Company, which will act as an impetus for governments. Everything that has not yet been possible to establish from the point of view of governments is already a consensus from the point of view of science and society“.

Lack of a concrete objective in an advertisement BelémAccording to the minister SilvaIt is part of the negotiation process” Is that No one can impose his will on anyone“. In any case, Silva confirmed that “All states agreeAmazon It cannot exceed the point of no return, because if it exceeds deforestation by 25%, the biome enters a process savannah. Minister Silva Then he concluded:We are not a desert just because we have itAmazonWe need to think carefully about this. Science and consensus tell us to stop, because this forest is responsible for the rains, and therefore 75% of South America’s GDP and the balance of the planet.“.

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