Corona, Zalewski and Casale reject the accusations: “Let’s sue”

Corona, Zalewski and Casale reject the accusations: “Let’s sue”

after Beans, tonali And Zaniolo, The fourth noun associated with the betting issue is noun Nicholas Zalewski. The Giallorossi player has grown up Fabrizio Corona Over the microphones of ANSA, the lawyers of the intruder, born in 2003, explained their client’s position. Paolo Rodella And Federico Olivo “It has absolutely nothing to do with it,” they explained. defend Nicholas Zalewski This is how he responded to the accusations that appeared in the news “In the press” And “From some statements that he was involved in the investigation related to betting on illegal sites.” “Our customer – Follow up with a lawyer ZalewskiAny participation, even minimal, is excluded. He gave us a mandate to act in every situation against everyone who harmed his name, image and reputation.”

Casale sues Fabrizio Corona

And also a football player Lazio, Nicolo Casale Filed a complaint against Fabrizio Corona And the publishers to whom the player’s lawyer writes in a statement guido Forgili, “They have given voice to the defamation of a multiple criminal offender, already convicted of blackmailing footballers.”. “Nicolo – Casali’s lawyer repeats – He has never bet on a sporting event, and the insult he is being subjected to based on the word of a full-fledged criminal, willing to do anything to gain media exposure, is unacceptable.” concludes lawyer Virgioli. The name of the Biancocelesti defender was mentioned by Corona in the interview with “Stricia La Notizia”, after the live broadcast on the Rai channel in the program “Avante Popolo”.

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