BMW 5 Series test, technical data sheet, reviews and dimensions 520d sDrive

BMW 5 Series test, technical data sheet, reviews and dimensions 520d sDrive

They made it big

Its height is 506 cm10 more than before, the eighth generation of BMW fifth category It also grows three centimeters wide, up to 190 cm long, and up to 152 cm high: four more. Dimensions that until ten years ago were the prerogative of the 7 Series flagship. In short, a noticeable leap forward, designed above all for markets such as the United States, China or Germany. Revolutions are also related designwith slim headlights and a large grille that can also have an illuminated outline for 550 euros and details focused onAerodynamics, such as door handles compatible with the car’s body. The slanted shape of the rear bonnet also contributes to improved smoothness (the intake disc is just 0.23), resulting in an almost coupe-like appearance.

Technological and upscale interiors

The revolution continues on board the new ship BMW fifth category, taking another step forward in terms of finishes and technology. The interior is upscale and technological. Just look at the dashboard with Too few buttons And the large curved screen behind the steering wheel: combines a Digital dashboard 12.3 inches and 14.9 inches infotainment screen. the Multimedia system It is particularly responsive and can be updated online. Among the standard applications, there are also video games that can be activated when the car is stationary: useful, for example, to pass the time while charging the electric versions. Useful while driving, however, with navigation Augmented reality With indicators overlapping camera shots which can be displayed on the central screen and on the dashboard.

However, the latter has graphics that cannot be read immediately: a common defect in the latest models BMW, as well as the fact that the infotainment system displays a graphical theme every time you change the driving mode, forcing you to remember previous functions, such as navigation maps. In the new Operating system 8.5 The latter is in front, except when changing the driving modes (Personal, Sport, Comfort, Efficient, Expressive).

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Look at that painting

among them More scenic elements There is a backlit glass effect bar, obviously with configurable colors and with real touch screens to adjust the flow rate of the ‘climate’ vents. It’s taken from the “big sister” Series 7, but (at least for now) is reserved for electric and plug-in versions. As for the others, the strap is glossy black with configurable luminous inserts and Slots They have touch controls, which are less sophisticated but still sleek and modern. The same applies to the functions that can be managed by the steering wheel spokes, which instead use physical buttons to press: in appearance, they resemble touch controls, but unlike the latter, they avoid involuntary activation while driving. Always around Steering wheelFor the first time in a BMW, imitation leather is upholstered, like the seats (unless you order natural leather): However, this new synthetic material will deceive the eyes of many. However, the door pockets are neither large nor lined with noise-reducing materials.

For the first time, it also runs on electricity

There are also many innovations in mechanics: for the first time, this model also offers an electric version. Or rather two, which will become three during 2024. Both very powerful models can already be ordered i5 M60 xDrive With 601 hp (listed at just over €100,000) it is eDrive40With rear-wheel drive (4×4 model will arrive next year) and 340 hp. Both have an actual 81.2 kWh battery, but the less powerful version travels a little further on a full tank: the declared range is 582 km instead of 516. Moreover, it is priced at around 75,000 euros, which is not too far off from the price of the two models. Versions Gasoline or mild hybrid dieselBoth are equipped with a 2-liter four-cylinder engine; As for the turbo diesel, there will also be a six-cylinder engine which will also find its place in the Touring family car, (here Details) expected in spring 2024.

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But in Italy the Queen still runs on diesel

In all likelihood there will be 520 DXDrive With 197 hp in our test, the 5 Series is the most in demand in our country. Its price starts from 70,300 euros (74,400 euros for M Sport), while by choosing the rear-wheel drive version instead of all-wheel drive, you save 2,400 euros, and comes close to the price of the petrol 520i with 208 hp (from 66,800 euros). Halfway between mild hybrid and electric cars, there are versions that can already be ordered, but with delivery in the spring: the 299 hp 530e and 489 hp 550e xDrive. Both have efficient 19.4 kWh batteries and claimed electric ranges of up to 102 km for the less powerful version.

Nice to drive

They walk there BMW fifth category progress comfort Loud, with good though impeccable sound insulation (we heard some unexpected rustling from the mirrors at around 130 km/h). Pothole absorption is effective with the electronically controlled shock absorbers of the test car (however, unlike some rivals, no air suspension is provided, except at the rear on electric versions and plug-ins to level the car when you’re a loaded traveler). the “Smart” shock absorbers. It will soon be offered in a €2,500 package with rear-wheel steering, which we appreciate on courses full of curves, as it provides agility and, during maneuvers, reduces the turning diameter from 12.4 meters to 11.8 metres.

However, you cannot have active anti-roll bars, except for the i5 and plug-ins. However, in fast corners, this car is satisfactory, and in acceleration, the push is not bad at all thanks to the power of 197 hp, but above all, the torque of 400 Nm of the four-cylinder diesel engine: this proves that it is smooth and not noisy. Very, even if it actually is Acoustic comfort Obviously, electric versions are preferable. The consumption we read into the car’s on-board computer at the end of the test wasn’t bad, after about 200 kilometers on city and extra-city roads (including the motorway): about 16 km/l compared to the average certified figure of 18.2 km/l.

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The equipment must be integrated

Among the dissonant notes we include the equipment. Not that they are sparse, but some driving assistance systems are, such as adaptive cruise control or adaptive cruise control Level 2 semi-autonomous drivingIt should be standard in a car of this price. Speaking of semi-autonomous driving, in the USA and Germany (thanks to the different legislation compared to our country) it is combined with a certain function that allows you on the highway to move without keeping your hands on the steering wheel, as long as you keep your eyes on the road. If you catch up with a slower vehicle, and direct your gaze to the left mirror, the 5 Series recognizes the intention to change lanes to overtake, and prepares to do so. Once you have completed the maneuver, simply look in the right mirror to return to the initial path.

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