Corona virus today. In the United States, 15% of positives are Omicron variants


Towards emergency extension

  • To book 5-11 years, in half an hour on the Lazio 3000

    In Lazio, reservations for anti-govt vaccines reserved for children between the ages of 5 and 11 were dropped just minutes before the age of 16, and 3000 visits were recorded in the first half hour. There are 78 baby food points in the region, all with exclusive routes.

  • Govt explosion in Zhejiang province, dangers of shutting down plants

    The explosion of Kovit-19 in Zhejiang, an eastern Chinese province, one of the machines of the country’s economy, led to the closure of factories disrupting the global supply chain. The coastal province with a population of 64.6 million is located south of Shanghai. Highly industrialized, it is the fourth largest economy in the world and accounts for 6% of China’s GDP. Following the appearance of Govt cases last week, local authorities have ordered the closure of several industrial sites. Petrochemical plants can continue to operate, but by reducing their production.

  • Celery, emergency extension against the fourth wave

    Emergency extension helps to counter the fourth wave of corona virus with immediate action. This is what Undersecretary of Health Pierpolo Celeri explains in an interview with Courier della Serra. “This is a small extension, but necessary – he says – although our data is better than other European countries, unfortunately we find that they continue to grow.” The decision to extend the extension is driven by the fact that “this fourth wave – Celery’s notes – affects the occupation of hospital beds”.

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