Sustainable Happiness Map, led by Vanuatu

Just over 300,000 residents Republic of Vanuatua small archipelago of securityThey are heroes Sustainable luxury In the world, according toHappy Planet Index 2024HPI in English.

This indicator, which is jointly evaluatedthe hope of life, Personal happiness I Carbon footprint Of the population of approx 150 countrieswants to show that it is not in the richest countries where people have more prosperity.

The second-highest-ranking classical country in the lists of the happiest countries, Swedenbut followed by three that usually do not appear well: Savior, Costa Rica I Nicaragua.

The report accompanying the index It states that good results are not The result of chanceRather, it is a targeted policy Reducing environmental footprint While it is encouraged Residents' well-being:

“All of these countries have, to some extent, consciously and deliberately prioritized the sustainable well-being of their citizens over overall economic growth, for example by eliminating fossil fuels in electricity production or investing more in public services than neighboring countries.”

Weighted longevity, happiness and carbon

The final score weighs the three parametersso that the most valuable countries are those whose residents live longer and enjoy greater overall well-being Reducing environmental spending Average per capita.

Longevity data are fromfor himthat of the carbon footprint, in tons of carbon dioxide per person annuallyl Database Inequality in the worldand personal care procedures take them out of Scanning This is what counseling does regularly Gallup at least 1000 people From every country in the world.

Spain It is very well located Seventh placewith a very good score on longevity and happiness, but poor on carbon footprint, the list also stands out Denmark, Panama, France I Chilean.

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On the other hand, the richest country in the world. United Statelocated in Place 102much less than countries like Greece, Algeria, Peru s AlbaniaAnd other rich countries such as Singapore s Kuwait They came out worse off.

The entire list

This is the List of 147 countries analysedwith the degrees of the three parameters and Final note Calculated in a weighted manner with respect to the three:

The richest 10% don't have more luxury

Do Sixth edition It is from this indicator that it began to be developed approx 20 yearsand the first in which the three parameters were analyzed with respect to personal income Within each country.

The summary of the report is that richest 10% than most countries have Much lower score From the rest of the population, because he has one Very high carbon footprint It is not compensated by a corresponding improvement in well-being:

“Although the highest income groups tend to have increasingly higher life expectancy and well-being than middle-income groups, these gains are small compared to the large differences in the size of their carbon footprints compared to average incomes.”

Vanuatu was already the best-ranked country in the first edition of the HPI 2006made by Ideas Lab New Economics Foundationand that he has now produced another one, which is Institute hot or cold Berlin.

The goal: to remove weight from GDP

One of the goals of the HPI creator, Nick Marksis a warning that GDP per capitaor GDP, which is still Reference index In the economic field, it is not taken into account The ecological limits of the planet.

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In this sense, the Institute of Hot or Cold refers to it 6 out of 10 countries With the highest scores for GDP per capita Below average In HPI.

The result of this index contrasts with another, better known index, which is conducted annually under sponsorshipfor him, Who met him a month ago and he headed again Finland.

The final HPI score, with scores ranging from 13 to 57 points, is This world map Where the majority of countries with the best score are, those Darker greenthey focus on itWestern Europe I for to'Central America.

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