The crisis in Cuba is entrenched after three years of social explosion and opens the door to new protests.

The crisis in Cuba is entrenched after three years of social explosion and opens the door to new protests.

The crisis in Cuba is entrenched after three years of social explosion and opens the door to new protests.EFE

Three years ofsocial outburst As the sun rose in Cuba, the government avoided any direct reference to those unprecedented hours that left their indelible mark on the island. the reasons These protests remain dormant because they are fueled by economic drift, power outages, and mass disillusionment. However, the leadership is hardly content to emphasize the effects of American policy at all levels, from the economic level to the level of its qualifications. Destabilization“We have been warning for some time now.United States of Americaon Terrorists Those who work against Cuba from Florida. Yet they continue their actions with impunity. This is a state sponsor of terrorism! Clear imperial cynicism!, declared President Miguel Diaz-Canel Through your social network account X.

“Cuba Debate”I have limited myself to accounting. Conspiracy It was carried out by “terrorists of Cuban origin, based in this country, who organized, financed and carried out terrorist plans in Cuban territory or in the United States itself.” “Granma”, Official device for Communist Party of Cuba (PCC)He referred to a “wave of sabotage” “from the top American political leadership, organized and promoted against Cuba,” which emanates from “a lock” which has been in power since the early 1960s and the “training of change agents” it seeks. Attracting young peopleAccording to the post, the “plan” has nevertheless reaped the rewards. “Countless failures in their goal of ending the revolution. And restore capitalism to the island.”

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New cycle of crisis

Reasons for this July 11, 2021 Not modified. Cuba is at a different station than his country. calamitySo much so that the authorities are talking about the need to implement this. Economic policy “war”. After the failure of the so-called Economic system Which ended in March with Minister of Economy and Planning Alejandro Gil dismissedWho went from being the leader of the operation to being the subject of a corruption investigation. Gil has become one of the most unpopular figures in the government since the outbreak that summer. Some of the men and women who took to the streets of several Cuban cities, most of them young, do not have the same facilities as the former minister to face a judicial investigation. Hundreds of them are serving sentences of various types.These sentences have been heavily criticized by Amnesty InternationalThe United Nations has just claimed l’17 accused released For the crime of “sedition”, among them a German citizen and a young man with an officially recognized mental disability, And the yoke of Luis Aguilar Rivera.

Past and present

11J has been noted as a failure point in history. CastresemIt’s his turn to take over from the brothers.Fidel and Raul Castro, the gray Diaz-Canel, face these challenges. spontaneous movements Which he initially said he understood, given the collective difficulties, but as the hours passed he attributed it to A conspiracy hatched by WashingtonSubsequent protests never reached the intensity of 2021. But they did not disappear from the public space either. They registered Conflict situations In Havana and the provinces of Santiago, Matanzas and Granma, this is due in part to power outages and food problems.

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Lawyer Julie Cesar Fernandez Estrada It had toleave the country Because of the state’s skin. Fernández Estrada considers himself a leftist intellectual, but he has no place in the Greater Antilles after the eleventh century. That day, “Cuba has changed.. It has changed his story. Concepts about the character of Cubans; domestic and international understanding of the “staticity” of our people; the way the state and the government, and specifically, its repressive forces, treat the public.” In early July 2021, “The protest was felt in the air, it was breathing.” The unrest “emanated from the crowded cyberspace of social media.” It was noticeable Tension between the government and the “new opposition”.and is now made up of artists, intellectuals, feminist activists, of those who defend the rights of LGTBIQ+; of anti-racist activists, of animal supporters, all of whom are willing to use public spaces to demonstrate, for their civil and political rights, and for their social rights.”

These new generations, he wrote in the digital magazine El Toque, “have not romanticized poverty as many of us did in previous years—when we still believed that our social and political model was altruistic, environmentalist, frugal, humanist, supportive, egalitarian.” That’s why July 11 is “the day.” Rebellion DayBut it is also the day of repression and the beginning of the ordeal of hundreds of families in Cuba, who have had to suffer imprisonment and stigmatization decided by the government.” Some are waiting for the new July 11, “but many others are waiting for the new July 11,” “we only hope that their sons and daughters Out of prison and terror

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Immigration and polarization

one of In the aftermath of the explosion Verified in population reductionThe population decreased by one. 18% Between 2022 and 2023, especially due to the influx of people who have left the country. Economist and demographer Juan Carlos Albizu Campos calculates that there are 8.62 million citizens. In the United States alone, 738,680 people left between October 2021 and this year. For sociologist Cecilia Bobes, there is currently a strong trend in Cuban society Rhetorical polarization“Just look at the comments on social networks or digital media To find the opinionated Trumps, (Jair) Bolsonaros, (Nayib) Bukele and (Javier) Milei, who argue fiercely and uncritically with the worshippers of Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez and their legacies.” The political behaviors of those who immigrate to America and the United States in turn show “that one prevails in them Hostility to the Cuban government “This usually brings them closer to the Republican Party and the personality of Donald Trump,” he wrote in Realta magazine.

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