September 30, 2022

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Terrorist attack on a bus, 7 injured –

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The car was shot, and the police chased after the person who shot it

seven people were injuredtwo of them seriously, during a armed attack Opposite a bus in the center of Jerusalem. This was announced by the police and rescuers. The police were informed of the shooting of a bus – a spokesman said -. Agents have sealed off the area and are looking for a fugitive suspect.

According to ANSA news agency, quoting police sources, Mr shooting will run near David’s tombnot far from western wall, in the Old City of Jerusalem. He explained that there are a total of seven injured, all of whom are conscious, and a woman and six men, two of whom are in serious condition Zaki Heller, Magen David Adom spokesperson, the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross. We arrived quickly at the scene – two lifeguards explained -. We were stopped by passersby to treat two men in their thirties who were injured on the bus. They were conscious and were walking with some injuries to the upper body.

The attack came a week after the Israeli raids on Gaza The killing of the military commander of the Islamic Jihad movement In the south of the Khaled Mansour sector. At least 32 people were killed in the attacks, including several civilians and six children. After three days of raids and backlashes by Palestinian activists, it was so A truce has been reached. But the tension is still very high, as evidenced by the attack on the bus.

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