Feijóo calls for a new march on January 28 in Madrid against Junts' “blackmail” of the Sánchez government

Feijóo calls for a new march on January 28 in Madrid against Junts' “blackmail” of the Sánchez government

Feijóo calls for a new march on January 28 in Madrid against Junts' “blackmail” of the Sánchez governmentfile

Leader of the People's Party, Alberto Nunez Viejo, One was called New march on January 28th In Madrid against the “unacceptable, illegal and immoral blackmail” carried out by Juntos in the government of Pedro Sánchez and the “hidden” and “secret” agreements reached on Wednesday in Congress. According to Figo, the rally is part of the “continuous political, social and judicial offensive” promoted by the PP to ensure “equality and solidarity” among Spaniards. The PP has already requested Sánchez's appearance in Congress to explain the agreements with Juntes, and is preparing legal measures to stop them.

“On January 28, we will return to the streets to say loudly and clearly that this country is not blackmailed by anyone,” Figo said at a press conference at the People’s Party headquarters, because “it has now been proven that the privileges will be unlimited while the legislature is in session,” Figo said at a press conference at the People’s Party headquarters. “It will be our insult as well.”

According to Figo, Sánchez's “assignments” to the Junts implied “privileges” for Catalonia and turned the rest of the Spaniards into “second-class citizens.” He said this is “only the beginning of what is to come,” because “Sanchez trades whatever is asked of him.”

The PP leader insisted that Spain's “real” president is now former President of the State General Carles Puigdemont, who has “humiliated and defeated” Spain once again in a “shameful” session of Congress as the Spanish government “loses its sovereignty.” dignity”.

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“To give in to this blackmail is not epic, it is humiliating” and now “Spaniards are no longer free or equal” because Sánchez “satisfies the extortion of our rights, our security and our money” to please “a party that belongs only to him.” 1.6% of the votes of all Spaniards.”

Transferring migrants 'violates sovereignty'

Feijóo stated that the transfer of immigration powers to Catalonia agreed between Junts and PSOE “violates Spanish sovereignty” and affects “border, security and welfare issues.” He considered that “this is a constitutional surrender by all standards,” which “will generate a conflict of jurisdiction between administrations and security forces.”

In this sense, he was asked whether “there will be 17 immigration systems in Spain” and whether Catalonia will have access to border control, visas, expulsions and returns. He said, “It is sad that the state ignores this because it harms unity and security.”

According to Figo, the transfer involves “the transformation of the Mossos d'Esquadra into a national police”, because it will have access to “all border control databases”, and at the same time it will lead to the “closure” of all national police stations in Catalonia, which “is in charge of… “Only foreign affairs and information.”

Feijóo also announced an appeal to the Constitutional Court against the Omnibus Law Decree, because in his opinion it amends the judicial service system without listening to the parties involved and because it involves “kicking the Spanish procedural laws without any justification.”

Regarding the repeal of Article 43 bis of the Code of Civil Procedure on adverse matters in European courts, Figo stated that it “will not lead to any agreement” but assumes that Juntes is preventing the Spanish government from transposing the European directives.

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Corporate flight

Feijóo stated that the only culprits in the “flight” of companies from Catalonia in 2017 were “pro-independence parties” and that the agreement between Junts and PSOE to amend the company law to encourage their return “is an unprecedented coup”, because the Spanish government “cannot interfere with the freedom of business”.

Publication of financial balances

According to Figo, the agreement between the Junts and PSOE so that the Treasury transfers data to local communities and they can publish their financial balances “only fuels the supposed grievance among Spaniards.” According to the PP leader, this is the first step towards preferential financial treatment for Catalonia “at the expense of everything else.”

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