Blitz in Crimea: Russians thwart Ukrainians’ night landing

Blitz in Crimea: Russians thwart Ukrainians’ night landing

On the night of October 3 and 4 Russian forces They would have frustrated A Landing attempt Ukrainian units on the peninsula Tarkhankutthe western end of Crimea. The agency reported this RIA NovostiQuoted from the Ministry of Defense in Moscow. According to official sources in the Kremlin.Aerospace Forces aircraft prevented the infiltration of a landing group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces“, who had approached the coast of the occupied territories on board the ship AFast military ship And three Water vehicle. The Kiev authorities did not issue any statements regarding this event.

According to the Telegram channel shotA Russian patrol discovered the Ukrainian vehicles around 2 a.m. near the coastal city of Olenivka. In the crossfire, they would die 13 soldiers From Kiev, all armed with American M4 rifles and grenades. There were no casualties or casualties among Moscow forces.

According to what I reported RIA NovostiThis would not be the first time that the Russians have succeeded in preventing opposing army units from landing in Crimea. According to the news agency, on August 30, Russian forces managed to sink it Four boats And to kill 50 soldiers Ukrainians, while on September 4 the Kremlin Air Force destroyed some speedboats Willard Naval Force It is supplied by the United States and always heads towards Cape Tarkhankut. But on September 10, Russian fighters intercepted three unidentified ships near Serpenti Island.

Therefore, Crimea remains a priority target for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which has set itself the goal of making it a problematic and vulnerable area for Vladimir Putin’s men, committed to repelling the slow and sustained counterattack of Kiev’s forces along the border. The entire front line. On September 20, a new attack was recorded on the Kerch Bridge, the vital artery linking the peninsula and the territory of the Union that the Russians seem unable to defend.

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However, the most serious blows were dealt fast Moscow in Black Sea. On September 13, a British missile attack Storm shadow In the port of Sevastopol led to the destruction of the landing ship Minsk And the submarine Rostov-on-DonWhile at least one person was killed in the bombing of the naval headquarters on Friday, September 22 34 senior officersAmong them is perhaps Admiral Viktor Sokolov, whose fate remains shrouded in mystery.

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