The birth of the planet’s atmosphere is depicted

The birth of the planet’s atmosphere is depicted

For the first time, you see traces of gas in a very distant planetary system that is under formation. The observations, made with the ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/ Submillimeter Array) telescope, were analyzed in Chile, under the supervision of Jehan Bay of the University of Florida. published In the Astrophysical Journal Letters, the result allows us to understand the process by which the atmospheres around planets are formed.

To understand how planets like Earth shaped the entire solar system, the best way is to study distant planetary systems that are still in the process of formation, where young stars are still surrounded by huge clouds of dust from which new planets are slowly forming. . However, one of the biggest problems is the huge distance that separates us from other stars, but thanks to the amazing power of new telescopes like ALMA, we’re turning it around for the first time to be able to do detailed analyses.

after the first picture, Made in 2019 From Alma, forming a moon around an exoplanet, now comes the first picture of free gas among the dust of the so-called accretion disk, from which the planets were born. These gases could one day make up the atmosphere of the forming planet.

Observed around the star AS209, about 395 light-years from Earth, it showed that the gases orbit near a planet orbiting the star about 200 times the distance between the Sun and Earth. Furthermore, the star is said to be very young, at only 1.6 million years old, so the star discovered may be the youngest planetary system ever discovered. “We are going through a very exciting time where this is happening thanks to powerful telescopes, such as Alma and James Webb,” said Jihan Bey.

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