Città della Scienza, appointments December 8-11

Città della Scienza, appointments December 8-11

All appointments are in Città della Scienza, from Thursday 8 to Sunday 11 December, waiting for Christmas.

Many appointments, between workers and trials, which will take place in the Città della Scienza next weekend. There will also be planetarium performances and guided tours of the interactive museum of the human body, and Insetti & Co. exhibitions. and 7 Steps in Sustainability, “Spazio al Futuro”, “Aquae. The future is in the ocean “and the novelty… Bonelli’s story.

Saturday, December 10, at 17.00 in the Planetarium Science City The documentary will be shown star stuff Directed by Milad Tashir, produced by Rosofuku and distributed by Lap 80.

The film premiered at the Turin Film Festival in 2019, in collaboration with INAF which has supported the project with great enthusiasm from the start.
The event is organized with the support of Passione Astronomia.

A trip that touches three of the most important astronomical observatories in the world, located in the most remote corners of the planet: the Atacama Desert in Chile, the Grand Karoo in South Africa, and the island of La Palma in the Atlantic Ocean. Three distinctive points for observing and studying the universe where the international scientific community has made, thanks to advanced technologies, wonderful discoveries about the origins of the universe and life on Earth. Indigenous communities live near the telescopes, small villages of farmers and fishermen, people who have strong ties to these remote places. Two worlds in opposites, they share the same interest in the sky above them, and by their readings and suggestions, though different and wonderful, help us to turn our gaze upward, towards the stars of which we are a part.

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December: the sky of the month. The night sky is as impressive as it is changeable. Thanks to the planetarium, which faithfully reproduces the celestial vault of the current period, we will discover the wonders that inhabit our nights, and we will learn to recognize the main constellations and the brightest stars, without forgetting some related mythological tales!

exhibition “Bonelli’s Story – Looking at Procida. A sea of ​​comics“.

The anthology exhibition dedicated to the 80th anniversary of Publisher Sergio BonelliThe Italian publishing legend finally arrives in Naples! An exhibition of more than 300 works that traces the history of the publishing house: from Tex to Dylan Dog, through Zagor and Dragonero, to create an amazing experience full of rarities and curiosities about the series that made the history of Italian comics. With a special section created exclusively for the Neapolitan stage, it is dedicated to the record “Il Commissario Ricciardi a Fumetti”, created to honor the Procida Capital of Culture.

Among the new galleries to visit in Città della Scienza (until March 31, 2023), space for the future And the Aquay. The future is in the oceanthe science exhibition, organized by the National Research Council – CNR, which offers the public a track full of interactive experiences on the most important issues related to the sea, oceanography and related technologies.

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