Fiat Punto Daydream: the scary new model

Fiat Punto Daydream: the scary new model

Following rumors about the return of the Fiat Punto, after it went out of production in 2018, official confirmations of a new B-segment model, which will be launched in 2023, have arrived: this is what awaits us

Fiat PuntoA dream relaunched: According to rumors and pessimism, a new fantasy is about to arrive Mold. One of the most successful models in recent years can represent to come back: Show offers that will be present Details and similarities and exclusivity. Let’s find out everything.

Fiat Punto / Source: Web

of affirmations on one similarity with the guy, For information from Stilants: What’s moving in the Fiat Galaxy? Stellantis will present an updated version of the platform next year CMP which should be used in future models, including heirFor Fiat Punto. But what are you expecting?

What emerges from Stellantis regarding launch from new Models, The successor Fiat Point It must first appear with the engines Mild hybrid or full hybridwith an all-electric version then expected after 2024. Therefore, the new Fiat Punto can be marketed, on the financial front, at prices around 13,000 euros.

Introducing the Punto: Recklessness and Curiosity

fiat_punto / web source

On the web, explanations and rendering of a file The new Fiat Punto. An example of the potential aesthetic image of the new expediency It is presented to us by a modern rendering that we will discover shortly, and is presented in an image with a vivid red skeleton.

Fiat Punto has been reimagined in multiple forms muscular And the Sports To keep up with the fierce competition. style Moving From this new potential new car the Fiat Punto then seems to associate it with the aesthetics of the Tipo. Let’s go find out.

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Nova Punto, here’s how it can be

Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto / Source: Web

This is the model, according to the latest show that came out. Focus, as you can see from the picture, which in addition to pressing the attractiveness of color, stands out sporty look On a supposedly long car About 4.10 meters. Design by appearance bravewhich in some respects unites with the attributes of guy It also appears to be looking at the Peugeot 208, possibly the result of a merger between FCA and PSA.

In fact, the renderings are many and different from each other. In other cases, such as those described in this article above, a crossover appears almost like; Muscular and inspired by the Punto of the 2000s. We’ll see

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