Tricarico between words, art and science: “The sound of music matters” – Performances

Tricarico between words, art and science: “The sound of music matters” – Performances

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what are you doing to us Francesco Tricarico tonight at the Volvo studio in Milan within Linguist, neuroscientist, ornithologist? Check out the worldview of feathers (highly intelligent) and humans (slightly less sharp) in a A very special appointment for the Melanesians entitled “Kalam Al-Alam”The 21-year-old sits between him and his songs Andrea Moro, Giorgio Valortegara and American Jennifer Ackerman. To do home honor Elisabetta Sgarbi. “The Concert is a three hundred and sixty-degree study of life, of omissions, and of what I hope will lead to the betterment of man,” says Tricarico. “If it’s honest and sincere, the music in this can be an important voice.”

What is its role?

My songs are genetically different From those that intersect in an increasingly superficial and less poetic panorama. This is why I intend to perform anthropologically interesting pieces like “Phosphorous Water Canal”, “Ants”, “Quiet Life”that have to do with science, with words and with our evolving imagination of life.”

what are you expecting?

“I wish for an evening full of fun, where the game can provide food for thought.”

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On the afternoon of July 21, again in the course of Melanesiana, the exhibition “Tricarico against Tricarico” opened in Bormio with Elisabetta Sgarpi, and in the evening he encountered his brother Vittorio.

With Elisabetta The comparison on my plate has been going on for years. Looking for your feedback, I allow you to view my work at any time. Even if the title of the catalog that we will extract from the exhibition of these sixteen abstract works is “Larger Than Life,” Larger Than Life. I am very proud of the fact that my work finds recognition, and becomes “significant”. I think they are tangentially related to the theme of omission, because one of the assumptions of these paintings of mine is that there are no recognizable objects within them.”

And in the evening in Piazza del Quirk?

Vittorio will speak for Rafael, but to present the evening, in addition to Elisabetta with her presenter, I will be there as well. Also pianist Michele Fazio. I would like to know what young people think of my work. Before making the big paintings, I was making very small drawings, mostly sexy And a bit vulgar, then I met a very good gallery owner who said to me: If you stop doing these things, come to me. I knew he loved to draw, and when I changed genre, it showed up.”

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