Chinese satellites at the service of Wagner. US indictment

Chinese satellites at the service of Wagner.  US indictment

Spacety, sanctioned by Washington a few weeks ago, provided the radar imagery to the Russian mercenary company. Beijing responds: “We firmly oppose illegal unilateral sanctions”

According to the US administration, the Chinese company Spacety provided satellite images to the Russian mercenary company Wagner. announce it Daniel KrightenbrinkAssistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, during a congressional hearing. “China resolutely opposes the unilateral illegal sanctions by the United States,” was the response at a press conference before Mao NingChinese diplomatic spokesperson.

Just over a month ago, the US Treasury Department declared Wagner a “transnational criminal organization” and sanctioned “numerous entities and individuals on various continents” who “support its military operations” in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. These also include Changsha Tianyi Space Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. LTD (Spacety China), which supplied Terra Tech, a Russian company, with radar satellite imagery of sites in Ukraine. “These images were collected to enable Wagner’s combat operations in Ukraine,” the statement read. Measures have also been taken against the Luxembourg branch of Spacety China i.e. Spacety Luxembourg.

newlyAnd the Ministry of Commerce added, Entity Lista kind of blacklist, China Head Aerospace Technology for “assisting the Russian military, contrary to the interests of US foreign policy and national security.”

Tensions are high between the US and China: Washington suspects that Beijing may cross a red line, which is material support for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The president said in a recent interview with ABC that the United States would “answer” if China supplied Russia with lethal weapons in the war against Ukraine. Joe Biden. He added that although he said he did not “expect” China to do so despite the intelligence warnings, China might be considering such a move.

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