March 26, 2023

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Arms deal from China to Russia, and 007 to the USA and Germany: “An order of 100 Chinese drones ready to curb Kiev by summer”

Concrete negotiations to sell arms to the Russians are said to be underway between China and Russia, although Beijing has been insisting for a few days on the resumption of peace talks between Kiev and Moscow to put an end to the fighting that began a year ago. before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. And according to what was reported by the American News Agency, quoting US officials wall streetTreat Journal, China could deliver artillery and drones to Russia, as the White House has repeatedly feared through Secretary of State Antony Blinken, who has spoken of the possibility of Chinese military supplies to the Russians as an increasingly likely hypothesis. officials inIntelligence The United States claims that Beijing will be able to supply the Russian army with weapons capable of averting the Ukrainian counterattack scheduled for next summer. Capability, however, which American experts are currently underestimating. The information has yet to be officially shared with NATO allies, but the White House is said to be considering speeding up the declassification of the files. Developments of potential military supplies from China to Russia also appeared in the German weekly Der Spiegel, according to which Moscow is negotiating with a Chinese company to purchase 100 kamikaze drones. Delivery of the aircraft could be possible as early as next spring. According to the German magazine, these will be drones capable of transporting explosive materials, as confirmed by anonymous military experts from Berlin.

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