Two arrests and six other people were reported in Girona due to the riots in Canalejas

Two arrests and six other people were reported in Girona due to the riots in Canalejas

Girona Municipal Police Two people were arrested on charges of rioting From Friday night to Saturday, which will be at the disposal of the Mossos family, six other people have been identified and reported, reported Girona City Council Security and Coexistence Advisor Silvia Aliu.

the local gossip Girona, located in Canalejas ParkIt was the scene of a fight in the morning from Friday to Saturday at the entrance to the building. Early reports indicated that the porters were going to kick those involved out of the building because they were already causing trouble A commotion inside the nightclub.

The Girona Municipal Police opened investigations and identified the people involved. Arrests were made After a complaint submitted by the owners of the place. Those involved are charged with serious threats, public disorder and damage.

the Security and coexistence advisorSylvia Aliu already confirmed this on Saturday They will not tolerate “aggressive and violent behavior in any nightlife venue in the city”. In addition, on the same Saturday he spoke with some neighbors and with the Catalan Federation of Restoration and Musical Activities Associations (FECASARM). “We are asking for nightlife activities Seriousness in dealing with security issues The security official said: “Inside nightclubs and discos.”

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This incident comes in the wake of last week's events Outside Platia DiscoA short distance from the site of the new battle. The security advisor confirmed that they spoke on Monday with the owners of this establishment and that they presented demands to them: “Preventing vehicles from accessing the street I – Increased police presence starting at 3:30 a.m“.

The Girona City Council, in cooperation with the Girona Municipal Police and Mossos de Escodra, agreed that he would be there 'More vigilance' In the region, a decision they conveyed on Wednesday to the local and FECASARM.

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