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The Regional Administrative Court of Lazio suspended the Health Ministry’s decree last August that ordered cannabidiol (CBD)-based products for oral use to be included in the drug schedule, limiting their sale in pharmacies under a prescription.

For Leonardo Fiorentini, secretary of the Droog Forum, “it is excellent news, the latest to come out of the court and highlight the exclusively ideological matrix of the Meloni government’s actions.” Fiorentini, who is also the author of the book and podcast L’Onda Verde, continues: “Now the government and the Ministry of Health stop walking with blinders on and accept the scientific evidence and accept the European legal framework. They both tell us that CBD is not a narcotic, as the World Health Organization concluded after two years of review scientific literature, and that its trade in the European Union should be allowed.

“In Benda – recalls Fiorentini – Minister Schillaci was puzzled by the European Union’s vote against the recommendation of the World Health Organization, which in December 2020 wanted to exclude CBD-based preparations containing less than 0.2% of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) from the international control system. The reasons were In fact linked to the fact that this limit was very low – less than 0.3%, which is now allowed by Community legislation – and was inserted in a way that could lead to problems in interpretation and application. Among other things, these reasons can be read Literal “which”The European Union decided to reduce the current level of oversight of these preparations“.

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“It is necessary to stop stigmatizing the factory, and with it the persecution of thousands of companies, and instead introduce rules that guarantee consumers by giving breathing room to the Italian production chain. These are the entrepreneurs and workers, most of them young, who have revived a crop that was once central to our country. With the August decision, the government decided to abandon the market – worth $ 1.11 billion worldwide in 2023 – for pharmaceuticals. It will be sufficient, as previously stipulated for other “food supplements”, to determine the concentration threshold above which the doctor must prescribe the drug. And guarantees on the method of preparation and origin, thus ensuring the safety and availability of the product. “Ideology gives way to science,” concludes the Secretary of the Drogue Forum.