== Autonomy: Besnini, ‘civil rights are in danger without Lep’

== Autonomy: Besnini, ‘civil rights are in danger without Lep’

(ANSA) – Rome 5 July – Former Minister of the Public Service Franco Passanini is among the four to resign from the commission set up by Minister Calderoli to define basic levels of services in view of differentiated autonomy. “Until all the Lep necessary to guarantee all the citizenship rights of all citizens are identified – he says in an interview with Il Messaggero – we do not know what resources we can offer properly to regions that request additional jobs and tasks, without harming the rights of citizens of other regions “.

“This work of defining Leps cannot be done one subject at a time.” “Therefore, each Lep must be identified, ordered, costed, and then seen if we can afford it,” Pasanini explains. “It’s a job for parliament to do – it determines – as laid out in the constitution, and it certainly takes a few years. For this we need to take a break.”

“We have made sure – the former minister reveals – that even in government and in the majority there is no shortage of people who share the same interests as you.”

“Until all Lep are defined and the tools and methods are not redefined to guarantee the tax autonomy of all regions, with respect to their standard costs, allowing them to fully finance the Lep themselves – they write in a letter to La Stampa resigned Giuliano Amato, Alessandro Bagno, Franco Passanini and Franco Gallo – the scope remains The effectiveness of these principles is indefinable and indefinable.

“We will continue to hope that over the next few months – the experts continue – there will be a rethinking such as returning the course of implementation of differentiated regional autonomy to the paths set by the Constitution.” (handle).

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