The Women and Science Department celebrates Vidaba on March 8

The Women and Science Department celebrates Vidaba on March 8

Termoli. With the double-edged “Women and Science”, chapter president Timolle Esmeralda urges Petén to commit to the conquest of rights and international peace.

With a message to all the women of the world, especially those who are going through difficult moments hanging on a thread between life and death, those caused by the madness of those who run the world, Fidapa oath of Termoli, represented in President Esmeralda Petén, remembers the two festive days, March 8 and the eleventh of same month.

The latter is today International for Women and Girls in Science, It was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly by its Resolution No. 22 in December 2015. The first, that the eighth of March, the oldest and oldest date introduced in Italy in 1922, was elected as a symbol of the difficult path for women’s rights, social, economic and political achievements. “On the occasion of the 8th of March – the President sets – we hope and cry for the full recognition of women’s rights and international peace.”

I got involved in the battle to recognize girls’ rights and adopt a charter Child Rights Termoli department has implemented many initiatives in this sense, especially the campaign for the adoption of the charter at the institutional level in Termoli and in the various municipalities in the region.

Roundabout in Regina Square Elena, named after Rosa Fazio Longo, Molise’s first deputy was elected to Parliament in 1948, another commitment of the Society which also supported the naming of the Schweizer Institute meeting room for the teacher of the same school, Rosella Schiavone that has been devoted to adult education for years.

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As for science, the chief specifies – it is fair to say that women who distinguished themselves were many even if their dedication and the results achieved were set in the background, with rare exceptions, due to the prevailing mindset and a bit of a tendency to recognize equality, which has led to a limit Significant, over time, has discouraged many girls from choosing courses of study in this sense, preferring the humanities.”

Marie Curie and Rita Levi-Montalcini, both Nobel laureates, are among those who have worked in the scientific field, defying all prejudices, paving the way for those who today, in a complete health crisis, have achieved results. Among them is Molise biologist Francesca Colavita who at the start of the unexpected, unknown and alarming pandemic was able to isolate the strain responsible for Sars CoV-2 with Spallanzani’s team in Rome.”

To speak in place of a branch of astronomy, if an intergalactic dream came true, credit goes to Margarita Hack, who was able to convey her curiosity and passion for observation.

And with this example, Fidapa’s warning in Chief Termoli’s message goes in the direction of encouraging people to develop their aptitude for science in all areas, To respond to the need for knowledge at such a delicate period for humanity and for the planet, why? – conclude – to be Men or women does not change“.

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