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Orm in the Snow Kingdom

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

cartoon / children / 2014 / 1 hour and 19 minutes

Russian animated film, sequel to The Snow Queen. Based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen, it is the perfect blend of fantasy and adventure that will delight little ones. The Snow Queen has been defeated and the cold has ended, so the trolls can live in a time of peace and freedom. Orm is one of them but he doesn't get the appreciation he deserves despite being key in defeating the Evil Queen. So, he starts lying which makes his story more interesting and offers to save the princess of his kingdom so she can aspire to the throne and be the hero he never was. Orm will embark with his friends on a perilous journey through the snow that will lead him to overcome himself and his lies to achieve what is truly worth it: to be honest and fight for the people he loves.

Sami Adventures Un viaje extraordinario (Sami Adventures. An Extraordinary Journey)

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

cartoon / children / 2010 / 1 hour and 26 minutes

Sammy is a turtle who is born next to his brothers on a beautiful beach and faces the struggle to survive. It won't be easy, because they say that only one out of every thousand succeeds.

Sami spends the first ten years of his life at sea, drifting and letting himself be dragged along by the currents along with his friend Ray. But one day, some fishermen catch her, and she suddenly becomes the pet of a boy living in a hippie commune on a beautiful California beach. There he will live a lot of adventures with his wonderful travel companions such as funny octopus, seahorse, fish, etc.

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Snowflake (Floquet de Neu)

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

cartoon / children / 2011 / 1 hour and 26 minutes

The film, which blends real photographs and 3D animation, narrates Snowflake's arrival in Barcelona in 1966, and recreates a fantasy escape from the zoo.

Floquet de Nieu, the world's only white gorilla, on the top floor of Barcelona Zoo. Due to his albinism, he attracts all the attention of visitors, but also the disapproval of his new fellow gorillas who do not accept him as one of their own. Desperate to fit in, Floquet will go on a revolution with the Witch of the North, so she can turn him into a normal, ordinary gorilla. During his adventure, he will face countless dangers, most of them planned by Luc De Sac, an evil villain who wants to capture the white gorilla because he believes that if he can rip out his heart, his bad luck will disappear forever. Paula, Snowflake's human best friend, Leo, Paula's boyfriend, and Aylor, the Buddhist red panda who is half-tiger, will be inseparable gorilla companions who will finally discover what is special and lovable just the way he is.

Kirikú y las bestias salvajes (Kirikú and wild animals)

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

A sequel to KIRIKÚ AND THE WITCH, a new example of the unmistakable talent of animator Michel Ocelot.

Sitting on his throne in the Blue Cave, Grandfather tells us how Kiriko became a gardener, detective, potter, merchant, traveler, and doctor, and how the smallest and bravest heroes will have to search within themselves to find courage, cunning, and intelligence. Generosity is necessary to triumph over evil.

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Animalis United (Animalis United)

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

animation / 2011 / 1 hour and 33 minutes

Digital animation film with an environmental message. It was nominated for the Audience Award at the European Film Awards.

Inspired by the book Animal Congress by Eric Kastner, it explains how animals, fed up with humans stealing their water for their commercial interests, come together to put an end to the situation.

Don Gat and his friends

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

Children / Cartoons / Adventures / 2011 / 1h 31min

A classic Hanna-Barbera character comes back to life in a new movie.

Don Gat and his friends will face a new police chief, who is not at all satisfied with Mattotti and his poor performance in trying to prevent Don Gat's scams. Lucas Buenrostro, the new police chief, has endless technological resources, and his real intention is to take over the city and enforce his ridiculous laws. Don Gat and all his gang members, as well as Officer Matute himself, will be tested in a film full of adventure, action and a lot of fun.

Marco Macaco and the Monkeys of the Caribbean (Marco Macaco and the Monkeys of the Caribbean)

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

cartoon / children / 2012 / 1 hour and 16 minutes

The sweet story of the boss who dreams of being a policeman in this Danish production for the whole family.

Marco Macaco dreams of solving a major police case one day, but in the meantime he's working on the beach of a tropical island. Lulu, her old friend, pushes her to achieve her dreams, but Carlo's arrival is like a bucket of cold water. He's his big competitor.

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Scruff Rovelló: Cuento de Navidad (Scruff Rovelló: Cuento de Navidad)

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

Children / Adventures / Cartoons / 2005 / 1 hour and 7 minutes

It's Christmas Eve. Scruff wants to celebrate by eating some partridge eggs in absolute privacy. When he discovers that they are not in the place where he hid them, he becomes angry with all his friends, whom he accuses of stealing them. From that moment on, Scruff decided not to celebrate Christmas and isolated himself in the attic of Mas Tolosa's house. But he won't be alone, because the Ghost of Christmas will appear to Scruff who takes him on a journey through Christmas past, present and future, and will try to open his eyes to the importance of friendship and knowing how to share.

Rovello's Scruff: Cinderella's Carnival (Rovello's Scruff: Cinderella's Carnival)

Children's cinema in Catalan at FilminCat

Children / Adventures / Cartoons / 2007 / 1 hour and 9 minutes

Scruff discovers a small crystal shoe buried in the snow. It's like Cinderella's lost shoe! So she decides to search for its owner to find out who Cinderella Naville is. Meanwhile, our little dog bears witness to the multiple obligations his master, Louis, has to keep busy on Carnival night. It is like an impulse that grips him year after year to avoid having to dress up and attend the ball at all costs. because…? We'll discover their reasons alongside Scruff during this fun feature film.

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