Children lost in the woods Father: “They want to kill me”

Children lost in the woods Father: “They want to kill me”

Jungle kids

Colombia: renegade FARC is looking for the father of children lost in the jungle to kill him. “I fear for my children’s lives.”

“The Carolina Ramirez Front is looking for me to kill me, I have received threats,” said Manuel Ranoc, the heroic father of the missing children, who went into the jungle to rescue them, adding, “I am a target for them.” He has received audiotapes warning him to send someone to look for him in Bogota. “I fear for my life, but above all for the lives of my children.” Manuel Ranock, The father of the children and the governor of the community of Uitoto Los Monos, in Puerto Sábalo, had to leave his community and flee because of threats to his life and that of his family from drug rebel groups, who wanted to recruit them. A month before the accident, he left Ranoc with the promise of being reunited with his loved ones. Moving from one job to another, he finds a temporary place to settle down with his family and for this reason, he asks them to board the plane which then crashes on the 1st of May last year. Then they came there Tragedy And the miracle.

One of Cuba’s most famous actors immigrates to Spain for a project to rebuild a village in Castilla

The well-known actor is one of the two Cuban immigrants who arrived in Spain last Thursday as part of the Arraigo project, which aims to increase the population in the autonomous regions of Castilla y León threatened with depopulation. Juan Carlos Roque MorenoIt’s called Roca Moreno.

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After arriving in the town of Paredes de Nava, in the Valencian municipality, the Cuban actor in theater, film and television told Cadena SER that he is confident that the rest of his family will be able to meet him soon, because they want to start a new life project that guarantees a better future for the little ones. In a way, it’s like closing the circle started by our ancestors, who made the same journey, but in the opposite direction, From Castile to Cuba, in pursuit of a better futureHe said. “I’m starting to look for work now. I’m a nurse, a doctor, an actor… I hope to find something soon,” he added.

Moreno, 58, graduated in medicine from the University of Medical Sciences in Havana, but then became an actor. In late 2022, he was among the actors who broke their silence in the face of the crackdown on peaceful protests by Cubans over blackouts, a violent crackdown that resulted in hundreds of arrests. “There is a Cuba that only exists in the news of victory or on billboards. I live in another Cuba where people run and fight like animals to get some foodAnd cleaning, water and medicines. Where young men in civilian clothes, but in military boots, are forced to march with sticks in their hands against their brothers,” he wrote on his Facebook wall. “If I don’t have the courage to take to the streets, at least I will have the decency not to look happy when thousands and millions live From brothers, a life of lack, frustration and pain. I refuse to be complicit in this national disease that is nothing but fear. The same fear I feel twenty times over is to double-check every sentence I write before publishing. When you live in fear it is because you live without freedom.”

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Paolo Manzo, June 13, 2023

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