Israel bombs Rafah. The Italians return from Tel Aviv. Son of missing Italians: Italy helps us – News

Israel bombs Rafah.  The Italians return from Tel Aviv.  Son of missing Italians: Italy helps us – News

After new sirens sounded announcing the arrival of sirens from Gaza to southern Israel, including the city of Beersheba and the Negev areas, the Israeli army is currently launching “large-scale attacks on Hamas terrorist targets” in the Strip. This is what the military spokesman announced. According to media reports, a missile landed in an open area near Beersheba, and eyewitnesses reported injuries. At the same time, the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces in Gaza rose to 704, including 143 children and 105 women. The number of wounded is about 4,000.
Meanwhile, an Israeli air strike bombed the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Gaza this morning, the second raid in less than 24 hours. This was reported by the border authorities on the Gaza side, according to the Washington Post. The raid hit the section of the road linking the Egyptian and Gaza sides of the crossing, leaving “a gap hindering passage to and from the Egyptian side.” Iyad Al-Bazum, spokesman for the Hamas-controlled Interior Ministry in Gaza, told Sky News Arabia that the Rafah crossing had just been repaired after an Israeli airstrike last night.

Hamas issued an ultimatum to residents of Ashkelon, southern Israel, 40 kilometers north of the Gaza Strip: “Leave the city within two hours. We have warned you.” This was stated by Hamas spokesman Abu Ubaida, quoted by Al-Manar TV, affiliated with the Lebanese Hezbollah movement allied with Hamas. Abu Ubaida said: “We warn the residents of Ashkelon to leave their city by five in the morning (four in the evening in Italy).”

Sirens sound around 2:30 p.m. due to a rocket being fired from Gaza at Tel Aviv. One of ANSA’s journalists on site pointed this out.

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Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh confirms that he will not hold “discussions about prisoners and hostages held by the resistance forces” until the military campaign ends. “The past few days have shown us that we have no choice: We must end Hamas’ control of Gaza and its military capabilities to eliminate the threat facing Israel.” Israeli Ambassador to Rome Alon Bar-On

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UN warning to Israel: The comprehensive siege on Gaza is “prohibited” Under international humanitarian law. Volker Türk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said that the comprehensive Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip is prohibited under international law. He stressed in a statement that “imposing a blockade that endangers the lives of civilians by depriving them of goods essential for their survival is prohibited under international humanitarian law.”

Last night they were around 200 targets hit by air Israeli in the Gaza Strip. Above all, the military spokesman explained, to the sands and Khan Yunis. The Israeli military considers the two sites “preferred terrorist centers” for Hamas where “a large number of terrorist attacks are directed against Israel.” Among the targets were several “operational residences” for Hamas and Islamic Jihad militiamen. The Israeli army warned the Palestinians against leaving Gaza for Egypt, and said it had “full control” of the border.

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World Health Organization: Opening a humanitarian corridor to the Gaza Strip Thousands head towards the Rafah crossing to enter Egypt (ANSA)

Appeal of the son of missing Italians: “Help us”

“The priority is for the lives of the hostages, and the priority is to return them to their homeland immediately, and we hope that Italy will help us as well.” This is the appeal made by Nadav Kipnis, the son of the missing Italian-Israeli couple, who was contacted by Rai News 24. “My father is disabled, he suffers from a disease that makes his immune system and muscles very weak. If my father is kidnapped as we believe, we hope that my father will be able to To get the medicines he needs.” He added, “We do not have official confirmation, but we have information that leads us to believe that they were kidnapped: we have tracked their cell phones that are not at home, and there is a video of terrorists kidnapping people in their neighborhood.” Once again, Nadav Kipnis speaks about the parents. He added, on the other hand, that lists of victims began to spread, but their names did not appear.

The Pope invites the parish priest of Gaza

“Yesterday I spoke with Pope Francis, who showed me his closeness and prayers for the entire ecclesiastical community in Gaza and for all parishioners and residents.” This is what he revealed to the Gaza Parish Priest, Father Gabriel Romanelli, who is currently stuck in Bethlehem, waiting to return to his parish, the Holy Family, the only Catholic in the Strip. “I thanked the Holy Father for his call for peace in Israel and Palestine last Sunday at the Angelus – added the monks – and Pope Francis gave his blessing so that everyone could feel his closeness.” The Gaza parish currently hosts 130 refugees and others are being hosted. In nearby parish structures. “The bombings – says Father Romanelli, citing testimonies of his parishioners – are continuous and severe. The fear of ground invasion is increasing.”

The first 200 Italians from Tel Aviv in Pratica di Mare

The two military planes that returned to Italy the first 200 citizens who wanted to leave Israel landed in Pratica di Mare. Two more military flights are scheduled. About 200 other Italians will board Italian Air Force vehicles in Tel Aviv. During the day, after about 200 people arrived, in two different Boeing aircraft, two additional flights were scheduled with the same military aircraft. Operations ordered by the Departments of Defense and State are managed by the Joint Forces Summit Coordination in coordination with the Macy’s offices. On the next two flights, 180 to 200 Italians are expected to arrive, who will also land at Pratica di Mare Military Airport. Eventually, 400 Italians will return from Israel.

Israeli army: 123 soldiers killed in clashes with Hamas

124 Israeli soldiers and 37 policemen have been killed since last Saturday during confrontations with Palestinians, most of them on the border with the Gaza Strip. This came according to what the Times of Israel reported from the army. They also include Jonathan Steinberg, commander of the Nahal Brigade, and Colonel Roy Levy, 44, commander of the stealth unit. The Israeli authorities did not announce the exact number of people taken hostage, but the army said it informed more than 100 families that their relatives were Hamas prisoners.

Hamas, no hostage negotiations until the end of the war

Haaretz quoted Hamas’s political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, as saying that Hamas would not hold “discussions about prisoners and hostages held by resistance forces” until the end of the military campaign.

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