ChatGpt, the US government launches an investigation: “Potential harm to citizens”

ChatGpt, the US government launches an investigation: “Potential harm to citizens”

The United States Federal Trade Commission has launched a formal investigation into the use of ChatGpt to investigate the spread of fake news at the expense of citizens It’s connected processing of personal data by OpenAi, The company behind the generative AI platform.

False files issue

The Federal Commission has already sent a letter to the company — seen by The Washington Post — seeking clarification on a series of fake news stories and the company’s personal data protection practices after a bug was discovered in 2020 that allowed it. View private chat information including payment information.

Digital Twins, Artificial Intelligence and Edge Computing – that’s what they’re in for the role for the long term

Marketing operations are also targeted

The letter was also supposed to seek clarification on the company’s marketing operations and how to train AI models

From August 15, the rules come into force in China

Meanwhile, China issued the first detailed regulations on the use of generative AI platforms that must be “healthy”, reflect “core socialist values” and “do not generate any content” that incites subversion of state power and the overthrow of socialism. regime, threatens national security and interests, damages the country’s image, incites secession, undermines national unity and social stability, and encourages terrorism, extremism, national hatred, ethnic discrimination, violence, obscenity and pornography.”

Phased organizational approach

Regulations jointly published by seven Chinese regulators, led by the Cyberspace Administration of China, will take effect on August 15, according to the South China Morning Post: All AI services, including those with content, images, audio and video, are Their provision to the Chinese public will be subject to strict controls. The authorities are committed to “taking effective measures to encourage the innovative development of generative AI.” Compared to the initial release in April, a series of penalties for those who do not comply with the rules have been eliminated.

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The platforms are still in the “testing” phase and are intended for corporate use only

Thus, this strategy is partly “softer” than expected a few months ago – with step-by-step rules and a gradual regulatory approach – even if China has not yet allowed any national company to distribute ChatGpt-style services to the public. Baidu’s Ernie Bot and Alibaba’s Tongyi Qianwen are only available in “test” mode and only for commercial use. ChatGpt by OpenAI and Bard by Google remain blocked at this time.

The regulation aligns AI development with China’s political and economic priorities, following the 2021 regulation on algorithms and the 2022 regulations on “artificially generated” content.

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