The Wagner Coup Behind It: The Copy War Between the Kremlin and CIA

The Wagner Coup Behind It: The Copy War Between the Kremlin and CIA

What role did the Russian, Ukrainian and Western intelligence services play in the failed putsch orchestrated by Wagner’s boss, Yevgeny Brogozin? Reconstructions coming from different sides of the field highlight different realities, with the Kremlin talking about foreign interference in the attempted coup. Citing the Interfax news agency, the head of Russia’s National Guard (Rosgvardia) Viktor Zolotov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as telling reporters that the uprising was “inspired by Western intelligence services”. “Of course the rebellion was prepared and inspired by Western intelligence agencies because they knew it, as they themselves reported, weeks before it began,” Zolotov said, not ruling out the involvement of “Western intelligence officers.”

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Zolotov refers to what was reported in the American press, which was not paraphrased by Vladimir Putin’s official. Americans 007 could have had information before the revolution, without having a direct role. He said that “US intelligence officials were able to obtain a very detailed and accurate picture of Wagner chief Yevgeny Prigozhin’s plans leading up to his short-lived insurrection, including where and how Wagner was planning to advance.” CNN cited sources and added that the information was only shared with select allies, including senior British officials, and not at the broader NATO level. However, it is not clear exactly when Prigozhin will act.

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Again, CNN, quoting a Western official, adds an important detail, which is that Ukraine’s Western allies were going to ask Kiev not to attack Russia in the hours of the Wagner Battalion’s rebellion. Before Prigozhin ended his withdrawal process, CNN said, there had been contacts between Ukrainian and allied officials at various levels. The latter was going to warn Kiev not to take advantage of the anarchy to strike at Russia. The concern was that Ukraine and the West would be seen as helping Prigozhin and as a threat to Russian sovereignty. “The message was not to disturb the boat,” the official said, adding that the message was conveyed at the level of the foreign minister.

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