The rules of money are always the same.”

The rules of money are always the same.”

The debate over the true definition of “science” has always been at the heart of our lives. It’s been more than that since 2020, the year the Covid-19 pandemic began. Now, however, the remaining doses of the vaccination campaign dominate the scene, in more detail. Rumors began to circulate, unsupported by data, about the alleged desire of the Chinese people to be vaccinated with Western products, which had long accumulated in the refrigerators of our health facilities. Added to this are the voices of those who want to “knock off” the doses themselves with the new vaccinations regulated by the regions.

The important thing is that the contracts that Ursula von der Leyen made with Pfizer’s subsidiary Borla are respected. Before that there was talk about potions kept at different temperatures below zero, now any potions are allowed, even using expired potions“, He says Alessandro Miluzzi. “This is the flag today: In honor of honoring these gentlemen, what else can I tell you? It should be something with a clear empirical and methodological approach, with a historical approach, in the sense that it is updated over time, but today it is anything but. The RNA model itself is built on elements from the past, and is no longer present. Reverse transcription, a well-known concept today, was not taken into account. They smuggle theories that were true 50 years ago into modern scienceNot anymore, but since they have to patent these methods, that’s the “science” for them today. Money rules, always the same rules..

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In my experience working with Big Pharma, I understand that the scientific workload is divided into two parts“, And adds prof. Alberto Country. “60% publish articles in favor of the vaccine in medical journals, all sponsored. For example, the 20 conflicts of interest in one of Bassetti’s pieces are declared below. 40% are independent and critical, and this is also a science. Even the “Wall Street Journal” started reporting on the opposite events and the like, the truth is emerging despite the obstacles. Elon Musk’s Twitter profiles also show that the US government has too close ties that limit critical thinking“.

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