Experience weightlessness with Laura Andress

Experience weightlessness with Laura Andress

the Chamber room in the Girona hall Yesterday I dressed up to welcome the pianist and composer, Laura Andresswho performed pieces from his latest works, Venus (2023), for which he sold practically all the sweeteners on sale before his death Today is Sant Joan de les Abades.

The Sabadell native starred on a real tour with an intergalactic musical proposal that offered the audience to accompany her on a journey into outer space to the planet that gave the album its name.

Andres, who was accompanied by the violinist Rose LoskosHe displayed his usual sympathy and humor that contrasted with the seriousness of his compositions. For a little over an hour, the pianist pulled attendees from their seats to let them experience a pleasant feeling of weightlessness.

The artist, in addition to presenting the entire Venus repertoire, also offered the audience a performance of tracks from his other two albums. “Obsessed,” “Tempus Fugit,” “Danse, petite, danse,” and “Kintsugi” were the selections that brought the dedicated audience to their feet.

And Laura Andres is one of them Storyteller From head to toe, whether speaking with microphone in hand or piano in fingers. It’s easy to get lost in the ropes and rods that become mobile arrows My choice Some of them pierce your heart, others your head, and the rest your soul, but none of them leave you indifferent and inescapable.

In general, we must put an end to the resource that has already become a classic when it comes to identifying it as the Catalan Ludovico Einaudi. Laura Andrés needs no comparison, she is truly on her own, a star that rises very close to her ruling planet and will want to accompany you day and night, helping you dream while feeling luxurious and comfortable. Peace, love and harmony.

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