»Before I explain what F1 is, now…»

»Before I explain what F1 is, now…»

4/24/2023 1:15:00 PM

F1 invades the United States. Domenicali: »Before I explain what F1 is, now…»

Formula 1 this year will return to Vegas With a completely different design than the one used in the 80s, which will also include the iconic design Strips. Although the success of the sport in the US is increasing exponentially, also thanks to the Netflix series “Driving to survive”Steven Sundays He said he knew the weekend in Vegas would take F1 to a higher level.

As I mentioned gpfans. comThe Italian president announced during a meeting with Wall Street investors: “The opportunity to have a GP in Las Vegas will increase visibility and awareness in this huge market.”

Lyrics by Dominicali at Las Vegas GP

In a month we will be in You used to love mein the announcement Oct Austin And in november here at Vegas. F1 is gaining more and more attention and will slowly spread around the world. I humbly think we should be proud of what we’re doing because I think we’re moving up the level more and more.”These are the words of Stefano Domenicali about the success in Formula 1 United State.

Speaking at a recent meeting with Liberty Media CEO Greg there is no The Italian announced on other American sports committees: “Just a few years ago I thought it would be very difficult to explain to Americans what F1 is. Now they get to know us and we share opinions about the format. We don’t have to be so conservative and think ‘Oh my God what’s going on with every change?’ ‘. Everything is going well now, but as always when everything is going well we have to humble ourselves and make the right decisions. “

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