‘Call the police’: Big Brother, crazy crowd outside house | ‘Inhuman screams’

‘Call the police’: Big Brother, crazy crowd outside house |  ‘Inhuman screams’
Alfonso Signorini (screenshot of Mediaset TV) – belligea.it

Big Brother VIP: There is someone outside the Cinecittà house where the very popular reality show, What’s Happening, takes place.

This year I am a fan It seems the popular reality show is really wild: after reintroducing unimportant characters, sipping jargon, the cheering has become merciless.

In fact, there was no real rift in the house between the knowns and the unknowns: but rather between the participants familiar And me I entered in trust Through everything that is universal among people.

But what seems to have worsened is the gap between what exists Believes At home and the opinions of the public outside Cinecittà’s residence: just think, for example, of the votes he obtained Beatrice, Instead it turns out that favorite From the public.

Someone is out house, However, he would do it belief to Do something more Which vote To express to him opposition.

Loudspeaker to be heard

a Roman town Who calls himself no queen D Rome On social media, she suggested going and “Say 4” to the people of Cinecitta, specifically regarding an issue where women seem to have a very specific stance.

The most talked about episode these days involves the memo in particular an actress Beatrice Almond And the young man butCellaio Travel lovers Paolo Masella.

The promise of the “Queen of Rome”

everyone Role About one word He pronounces it pee towards Beatrice – the favorite of the house, beloved by the public – which would have caused great grief in the imaginary actress, which she vented through a long cry. It is difficult for the public to forgive A pee for him an act, But what is certain is that queen Di Roma expressed herself precisely against from him,

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“I’ll go…A he And the Fake Montanara”, He wrote in a post on Twitter: In fact, everyone remembers when the woman went with the megaphone in front of the Big Brother house to have her say. “Calls “Carabinieri” and “Screaming”. Inhumane”: This is what users write below Statement The Queen was afraid that the event would happen again. Doesn’t stay Which I wait for Let’s see what happens but we know that tenants always have their ears open in the park.

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