Do you remember Annamaria Laino and Antonio Martello? From the fool on the island of temptation to the great joy: what happened to them

Do you remember Annamaria Laino and Antonio Martello?  From the fool on the island of temptation to the great joy: what happened to them

Annamaria and Antonio participated in Temptation Island. Do you remember the hilarious firefight?

This year we all miss the videos of pinnettu and Filippo Bisciglia who with his unfortunate face warns participants about getting videos of their buddies. Unfortunately, Fascino did not produce the remake of Temptation Island, so all that remains is to remember the old participants who kept us in previous seasons in the hot summer months. Among the couples who got engaged a couple of years ago, it is impossible not to mention Annamaria and Antonio because they were two of the most followed couples. The flames of comparing them were really funny. Are they still engaged today? In this article we will remember not only their history but we will also reveal to you what their relationship is today.

Annamaria and Antonio, one of the most “fun” couples on Temptation Island 2020. Here’s what happened to them

You will definitely remember when Annamaria, once she met her boyfriend in the fire, asked him how high testosterone was. When they attended Temptation Island she was 43 years old and her boyfriend Antonio is 10 years younger than her. The two were engaged for 3 years but their relationship got hacked due to some mistakes made by Antonio. That is why Annamaria decided to participate in the program. She wanted to test the goodwill of her boyfriend who, after making a mistake, told the woman that he had positioned his head correctly. But something went wrong, Antonio forgot that he had to prove to his girlfriend that he was madly in love with her. According to Annamaria, he often joked with the seductress Ellaria. Then the woman asked to compare the fire and in the end decided to forgive him.

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Annamaria also had to participate in Temptation Island to prove to her boyfriend that he did not want to forgive him forever. The woman had in fact declared that she did not have the courage to leave him despite making many mistakes for fear of being alone. In the fire, despite the funny apologies of her companion, she turns back to the temptation and decides to forgive him again for approaching the seductress Ilaria, for whom Antonio also left his phone number. However, the program seems to have been really good for the couple. Today they are actually happy, as it was rumored that the two were ready to start a family.

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