Caffeine and caffeine are the same thing, but according to science, drinking coffee is more harmful: here’s why

Caffeine and caffeine are the same thing, but according to science, drinking coffee is more harmful: here’s why
Coffee and tea – street food news

Many people consume a lot of coffee or tea but you really need to know the differences between the two. Let’s see which one is better.

During the day Mostly need chargingenergy and stay active, the solution for many people is to drink coffee or tea more often so that they can maintain focus and activity.

very I love coffee taken several times a dayEspecially by the Italians. As an option for this there is tea It is the first choice for some people and one of the reasons is the flavor chosen according to one’s taste.

Coffee contains caffeine, and tea theine, they have the same molecule, but despite this, their effect is different.. So before choosing which of the two to eat and which one to start the day with, it’s good to know the differences between them.

So let’s see which one is better to consume and why, in fact According to some experts and nutritionists, coffee is less healthy. Let’s understand the reasons.

What is caffeine and theine?

Caffeine and theine are the same thing, it is in specific terms an xanthine alkaloid Which are found in different plants such as coffee, tea and chocolate. when it is ingested Foods containing this substance have a psychoactive effect that stimulates the central nervous system.

Another effect is Focus and mental alertness are preferred to reduce reaction time. The name of the substance is known differently because its identical chemical formula was only discovered after caffeine was associated with coffee and caffeine was associated with tea.

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Coffee and tea – street food news

Is drinking coffee more harmful?

The two articles are the same however This does not mean that tea and coffee are identicalso the same goes for effects. The amount of caffeine found in these two drinks differsAn average cup of coffee contains three times as much caffeine as a cup of tea.

According to many Tea is the preferred choice of coffee due to the slow absorption of caffeineThe duration of the beneficial effects also varies, and drinking the tea lasts longer This stimulates without arousingwhich coffee is famous for instead.

You need to know that Caffeine acts on the heart and circulatory system, as opposed to caffeine acting on the central nervous system. If you want to stay active and alert for more than half an hour, it is recommended to drink tea, In fact, coffee has a greater intensity and shorter duration, It leads to a peak of beneficial effects which after a while go to absolutely zero, sometimes leaving you more tired than before.

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