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01 July 2023

The twenty-year-old middle-distance runner wins over 800m at the Bergamo meet and improves his personal best again. 400: Milly drops to 45.74, among the women Bonora 52.20 and Borja 52.55

at 26 Nembro City Meeting (Bergamo) Still a sharp note from young middle-distance runner Francesco partridge. In the 800m, the twenty-year-old from Brescia, last season’s Italian U20 record holder, won with a 1:45.48 in the race in which he is out in the final straight, racing his own personal best. The Freezone rider is improving again, already composing a convincing 1:45.72 in Grosseto at the end of May, unseating Ethiopian Mosisa a wide Judesa (1:46.65) and Berhanu Ayansa (1:46.67), but Pietro Arese (Fiamme Gialle) does not start in the wake of 16th century Lausanne and Jacopo V perun (Varese Athletica) with a personal time of 1:47.42.

Milly changes step – Azores grow at 400 meters. Ricciardo’s progress is evident millie With a time of 45.74 to remove more than half a second from this year’s 46.38 indoors, so far he has only come close outdoors with a 46.51 win at the Finale Oro dei Societari in Palermo. At the finish line, the 22-year-old Sicilian from Fiamme Gialle, the absolute Italian champion in the hall and who also stands out for his height (199 cm), finished third behind the South African Lythe belay (45.33) and Nigerian Ifeany Emmanuel Ugeli (45.63). Staff touched by Florentine Labo Biancardi (Gs Avis Barletta, 46.39) and improved again this year by Francesco Domenico reds (Cus Pro Patria Milano), born in 2001, with 46.44 while Giuseppe Leonardi (Carabinieri) works at 46.68.

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BONORA and BORGA PB – Alessandra highlight for women at a distance of 400 meters Bonora With 52.20 in the second string, a time trial that earned the 22-year-old from Brescia from Bracco Athletica her personal best, reduced by more than six-tenths compared to last year’s 52.83. In the main series Rebecca Borja (Fiamme Gialle) It drops to 52.55, surpassing the 52.69 indoors for 2021 and also the 52.82 outdoors earned by Venice this season. In front of all my club Lubang (Botswana) with a score of 51.46, then Anna fourth Polinary (Carabinieri, 52.84) and a fifth of Virginia Trojans (Cus Pro Patria Milan, 53.09).

sprint – Cuban Jin flies in 100 metres Fernandez (Young Elite Athletes) 10.15 (-0.3) ahead of Marco Blue hedgehogs (Nissolino Sport) who equalized the staff with 10.30, then the three-color promise Eric Marek (Atl. Bergamo 1959 Oriocenter) and Roberto give them back (Bergamo Stars) both at 10:32. Among the women, Alicia PaveseEuropean bronze in 4×100, set a season record of 11.44 (-0.5) with second place behind Australian Ella Connolly which he won in 11.42.

on the platform – Two at 4.40 in Elisa’s successful auction Molinarolo (Fiamme Oro) for passing the scale in the second Test, in place of Sonia Malavesi (Viam Gyali) succeeds in the third attempt. The best character to match Virginia skardanzan (Atl. Silca Conegliano) with 4.35. A growing race in the long run for Antonino triple (Athletic Club 96 Alperia) who hits 7.86 (+1.1) with the last attempt, while Ariana Batistila (Carabinieri) jumps 6.35 windy (+2.7) but also 6.10 normal (+1.1) to beat 6.21 (+0.7) from Ukraine’s Olha Korsun In the match, which saw the participation of multiple Paralympic champion Martina Caironi It fell at 5.32 (+0.1). A breath of twenty meters in weight with 19.98 of Norwegian Markus Thompson Sebastian followed him whitebait (Fiam Oro, 19.67) and Ricardo Ferrara (Carabinieri, 19.13). In Sarah Spear Jemai (Army) runs at 56.04 to win the challenge with Paola Padawan (Carabinieri, 55.65).

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3000 – African victories over 3000 meters: in the race won by the Burundian Frenchmen neomoconze (Caivano Runners, 8:48.21) They stamped Micol’s staff Majori (Pro Sesto Atl. Cernusco), sixth with 9:04.86, Valentina I moan (Dk Runners Milan, 9:08.27) and Rebecca London (Filmy Oro 9:10.25). It’s Moroccan Mohamed Tendoft to win in 7:54.22 with Sebastiano eighth small words (Ga Vertovese, 7:59.98), Italian marathon record holder Elias is twelfth Awani (Blue Flame, 8:04.82). In the 800 meters of the Aussie Eli Sanford (2:03.59) Laura finished second Bellecour (Bracco Athletics, 2:03.93).

Barriers – In the 110 hours that Italian record holder Paolo Dall Molin (Fiam Oro) abandoned shortly before the start of the heat having already tried the rocks, Roman Niccolo Giacalone (Atl. Biotekna) improves by one-tenth in the preliminary round in 13.95 (-0.5) and wins the final in 14.00 (+0.2). For women, 100 watches from Slovenian Nika gluinaric13.30 (0.0) and then 13.34 (-0.4), with Junior Celeste Bolzonite (Bracco Atletica) at 13.66 in the first round.


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