Do you suffer from severe migraines? Lots of oily fish and fewer vegetable oils can help — science says so

Do you suffer from severe migraines?  Lots of oily fish and fewer vegetable oils can help — science says so

According to an American study, a high consumption of omega-3 fats, which can be found in fish and shellfish, and a decrease in linoleic acid, which is found in sunflower and corn oils, will help reduce the frequency and effect of headache attacks.

Do you suffer from migraines? eat more fat fishwho passes you by. I’m not telling you this by chance: science had in fact “discovered” a natural therapyIt is also delicious to relieve severe pain Headache Avoid risk Side effects.

The Work signed by the United Statessigned by cooperation between National Institute on AgingThe National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismThe National Institutes of Health AndUniversity of Carolina from the northprove that a diet Rich in fatty fish helps sufferers Migraine frequent to reduce number of monthly episodes andintensity of painCompared to those on a richer diet Vegetable fats and oils.

Migraine one Neurological Disease It is also among the most common causes of ache chronicwaste of work time ah Quality reduced life.

Think about it 4 million of people around the world suffer from chronic migraines, and it is at least measurable 15 days Monthly pain and beyond 90% Affected people enjoy a quality of life worst Attacks can last from four hours to three days.

The segment of the population most prone to migraines is a woman Between 18 and 44 years old. As for the pharmaceuticalyou have to hope that the hitherto known people tend to offer only partial relief and can have it Side effectsLike Accreditation.

To try to identify an alternative route that is less invasive and has fewer internal risks, researchers have studied the relationship between them 182 adults With frequent migraines and a certain diet.

The starting point was the elimination oflinoleic acidwhich is a polyunsaturated fatty acid derived from cornAnd soy or nuts And seed and Contained in various vegetable oils such as Sunflower.

In fact, in previous studies, it has already been identified as a potential Responsible behind theignite Tissues and pathways of pain management associated with migraine.

Study participants posted on British Medical Journal Then they were put on a diet plan for 16 weeks And they were randomly assigned to one of the Three menus Expected.

Everyone has received fishAnd vegetablesAnd chickpeasAnd authority and breakfast foods. However, one group received large amounts of oily fish as well Fatty fish oils And lowering linoleic acid. The second was seen serving diets rich in fatty fish and linoleic acid while another had higher amounts of linoleic acid and less in fatty fish.

During the study period, patients were monitored Durationlam‘intensity and the number Daily migraine attacks, as well as how the headache affected their attacks Everyday life.

Results? they will specific reason To follow a diet rich in fatty fish. At the start of the research, participants experienced on average more than 16 days of headaches per month, more than five hours of migraines per day, and severe difficulties with daily living.

Nutrition by consuming vegetable oil minimum he is one Larger of fatty fish will actually reduce between 30% and the 40% of the daily headache hours and thus the total number of migraine days in one Month.

A diet characterized by high fat consumption Omega 3 (which you can find in fish and in oystersThus the subsequent reduction of linoleic acid will help reduce to hesitate and theEffect Headache attacks compared to fish oil supplements.

source | Dietary change of n-3 and n-6 ​​fatty acids to reduce headache in adults with migraine: a randomized controlled trial, published July 1, 2021 in British Medical Journal

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