There is a first turning point on arms control in the United States –

There is a first turning point on arms control in the United States –

For the first time in 26 years, 10 Republicans and 10 Democratic senators have instituted (still inoperable) measures on guns: No ban on semi-automatic rifles expected, but controls on buyers will increase, guns seized from convicts Violence will be lifted home and school safety

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Washington – There is a file A mini-convention on arms. The first in 26 years From the inaction witnessed by the massacres and shootings.

Today is Sunday 12th June Ten Democrats and ten Republican Senators They report that they have developed some measures that will now be translated into a bill. It should be said right away: Semi-automatic rifles are not expected to be bannedHow the user From Salvador Ramos for 19 children and two teachers attended the May 24th Ovaldi Primary Schoolin Texas. The minimum age will not be raised from 18 to 21 to purchase an Ar-15 Or another machine gun. Ramos had just turned 18, a few days before the massacre.

Here is the statement from the group of Senators: Today we are announcing a bipartisan and common sense motion to protect American children, provide school security and reduce the risk of violence across the country. Families are afraid and it is our duty to work together to achieve some results and help restore a sense of protection in our communities.

In the scheme, on the other hand, there are 4 basic measures. Perhaps the most important is Strengthening controls over arms buyers. In particular, more money will be made available to allow states to monitor the behavior of those deemed most at risk, following (red flag) reporting from family members, teachers and acquaintances. the authorities They will have to confiscate guns and pistols from people who show signs of danger. The network of controls will also extend to young adults between the ages of 18 and 21.

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according to: Persons convicted of domestic violence can no longer own a gun. The ban, and this is new, also affects partners, boyfriends or girlfriends, not just husbands.

The third trimester is the most sensitive. More resources will be allocated to To help, and therefore also, to monitor all those with mental disorders.

Finally, the most general purpose at the moment: Promote school safety.

As we can see, legislators have yet to define the rules and, above all, make their practical and effective application possible.

but Today marks a turning point. Congress Overcomes Paralysis: There are numbers, at least 60, to overcome the historic obstruction of Republican senators.

Politics, this time around, has not completely ignored the voice of the vast majority of Americans.

On Saturday, thousands of activists marched in Washington, New York and other cities across the country. Their organizations now welcome this arrangement as a small but important advance.

also Joe Biden announced that he supports the dealdespite calling for a ban on automatic rifles for weeks.

Two Senators Are Heroes of Bipartisan Negotiations: Democrat Chris Murphyshooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut (20 children and six adults killed); Republican John Corney, one of the closest allies of minority leader Mitch McConnell. Korney comes from Ovaldi, Texas.

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