Burnt food and cancer, the real relationship explained by science: What do you risk if you eat it?

Burnt food and cancer, the real relationship explained by science: What do you risk if you eat it?
If the food is burnt

There are many who say that burnt food causes cancer. But in what sense? Is this the truth or a cliché?

Often times when we find ourselves in front of… Burnt food Our reactions can also be of two types We turn up our noses Or we find it appetite. Obviously, the second case is only if we are in the presence of food Not completely charred but Amber well wow ToastedWhich gives a crunch like a simple piece of bread.

But other times, we limit ourselves to that He scratches away there The black and burnt part And then try to eat what’s left, so to speak, Save what can be saved. But is this the best thing to do? For example, if we are in the presence of A Toastfrom U.S Piece of breadfrom U.S Forgotten cake in the oven Or even just one Heating brioche for too long The bad thing is that the first instinct is to get rid of everything.

But if we find ourselves in front of other types of foods, such as Baked potatoes, Roast beefLet it be white or redor to A kebab Just to give an example, because I’m in this particular situation a lot the Consumers Which They ask for very crispy and roasted meatat least BurntIt stimulates our appetite.

In response to the question A little earlier so the best thing to do Always avoid eating burnt foodBut depending on the actual degree of combustion. if it was Literally charred It’s really worth it Throw itBecause it is something that cannot be recovered now. While if is just a part SuperficialLike the Shell from U.S Long cooked lasagnaIt is better to scrape off the surface.

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Why don’t you eat burnt food?

Rumors about Burnt food Which would be seen as Carcinogenic Obviously, it’s not just a cliche for all the foodies in this state, but it’s just a fact. In short, it is born material It is very harmful to man and his being, in short Carcinogenic.

deal with From acrylamideIt is created during the cooking process in its most diverse ways. It is formed at a temperature exceeding 120. Furthermore, if the foods burned are carbohydrates, the production is higher. Therefore, it is a good idea to stop the cooking process once the color has arrived Amber And Not black.

The truth about burnt food
If the food is burnt

Correct behavior that must be maintained

So there was also a lot of discussion about coffee. After all, I am Bean Who actually come ToastedTherefore, once peeled appropriately to form a delicious hot drink, or consumed cold as per taste, it is processed at a very high temperature. However, no links have yet been found between them Tumors And employment coffee.

But in this trend, the most preferable thing is to prefer Arabic quality. Then pay close attention to the utensils used to cook the food, preferably non stick frying pan, As long as it is in good condition and not scratched. ControlsFinancial Supervision Authority Moreover, they have forced some factories to eliminate all operations to cook Which can lead to levels Acrylamide Outside the permissible limits.

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