May 28, 2023

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The Witcher, Project Sirius: Development Rebooted From Scratch, reveals CD Projekt RED

the development to Sirius Projectthe spin-off based on multiplayer the magicianAnd Reboot from scratch: CD Projekt RED disclosed this as part of a note to its shareholders, claiming that it has re-evaluated the scale and potential of this project.

The Sirius Project was announced last October along with the new The Witcher trilogy Molasses overflowauthors of The Flame in the Flood, but the Polish company seems to have realized that the production deserved more attention.

“The decision is based on the results of an assessment of the scale and commercial potential of the original Project Sirius concept,” the memo states, which reveals the creation of a new framework for the project.

For this CD, Projekt RED has agreed to sacrifice the investments made to date, equivalent to nearly $10 million from 2022 to today, discarding created material and starting over with the goal of creating an experience that is truly innovative and tells an unforgettable story. .

Of course, it’s also possible that behind the decision to redevelop The Sirius Project, there are simply issues with the team and the studio has tried to sweeten the pill for its investors.

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