YouTube red alert: Now there is malware spreading via video streams from the platform | Be careful of what you see, as it may infect you

YouTube red alert: Now there is malware spreading via video streams from the platform |  Be careful of what you see, as it may infect you
A powerful and dangerous virus has hit YouTube, that’s what it is –

Killer videos that steal millions of euros from users. What is happening to YouTube in recent days? You have to pay close attention.

Experts call on all users to beware of hackers who have targeted YouTube to deliver really dangerous malware.

The hacker’s hand strikes again. If the major social networks that forced millions of users to deal with a massive data leak were previously targeted, the problem may now also include the streaming platform. Youtube.

In the past few hours, experts have launched an alert state aimed at protecting users from certain attacks by a hacker group that is using the platform in question to unfairly deduct funds.

To inform people of Internet users is a computer security company Kaspersky who recently discovered a trojan horse aka Red line that hovered on YouTube. But let’s see what it is specifically.

RedLine, what it is and who it affects

The malware in question appears to have primarily targeted i players Thus we are talking about that part of the users who deal with the broadcast channels used in the gaming sector. To explain the work of the hackers, Kaspersky released statements on its blog stating: “Attackers are posting videos on YouTube claiming how to cheat in popular online games like Rust, FIFA 22, DayZ and many others”. What is most disturbing about this situation is that these hacker videos look so convincing that they drive gamers to take action for it. lug Invite them to click on the links in the description.

The players are the most affected –

How hackers work and how to protect yourself

What are the working methods of the hackers who took over YouTube? Once you click on file links Which we talked about earlier, you will be redirected to other pages that are complicit in stealing data and money from the unfortunate pages. In some cases, users are required to opt out Windows SmartScreen To continue downloading, something to completely avoid. This is because SmartScreen is a vital tool that protects users from malicious websites. Who is the most popular topic? As mentioned earlier, hackers mostly targeted video game enthusiasts, Kaspersky explains “Gaming PCs are a logical target for cybercriminals since they usually have powerful GPUs that are very useful for cryptocurrency mining”. Therefore, to protect themselves, players will have to avoid downloading scams that, in addition to mistakes in ethics, can also expose them to serious risks.

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