Six Catalan beaches receive ‘black flags’ from environmentalists

Six Catalan beaches receive ‘black flags’ from environmentalists

A total of 48 sandbars in Spain have been classified as ‘black flag’ according to the annual report of working ecologists published yesterday. There are six in Catalonia. Peneda Beach in Vila Seca (Tarragones), which suffers from chronic pellet dumping, has been given a black flag for “mismanagement of polluting plastics from petrochemical industries.” In the province of Tarragona, the focus is also on the Savinosa administration, where it is planned to pave the way.

In Barcelona, ​​one of the beaches mentioned is Three Chimneys Beach, in San Adrià de Besos. A development project is scheduled to be established in this area, which environmentalists reject. The other black flag in the Barcelona area is not for a specific beach, but for “artificial Maresme beaches”. They also claim to have recovered the Tordera Delta.

In Girona, the increase in pollution on many beaches on the Costa Brava due to the increased presence of boats is a problem. In addition, it has been reported that Varela Beach, in Lanka, has been approved for the construction of 62 homes.

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