Deluxe Edition, Hero Pass, Xbox Game Pass, and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed –

Deluxe Edition, Hero Pass, Xbox Game Pass, and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed –

With a trailer, Bethesda and Arkane kicked off the Redfall pre-orderrevealed Deluxe Edition “Bring Your Teeth” which includes the Heroes Pass, i Pre-order bonuses and for Game Pass subscribers on PC and Xbox.

Let’s start with the pre-purchase bonuses reserved for Redfall and for all those who play it with PC and Xbox Game Pass, who will get:

  • A Grim Tide “Unparalleled”
  • Multi-weapon skin “Polar Vortex”
  • Annex stabbed “Bloody Ravager”

there Deluxe Edition “Show Your Teeth” (or “Bite Back” depending on the store) On sale digitally (we don’t know if it will also be available in retail) at €109.99 for Xbox Series X | S and €99.99 for PC via the Windows Store • Steam and Epic Games. Includes:

  • The base game is Redfall
  • The Redfall Heroes card features two futuristic heroes
  • Multi-weapon skin laser beam
  • Accessory for the tactical knife hack
  • Defender Clothing “Polar Expedition”
  • Jacob’s Clothes “Eyes in the Dark”
  • Layla’s “Battle Suit” costume
  • Clothes for Remi “Rescue Engineer”

As we can see, Redfall will have a type of Season Pass, called in this case Heroes Pass Which will introduce two new playable characters in the future. Obviously, it will also be for sale separately, even if at the moment we do not know at what price.

Redfall will be available from May 2 On Xbox Series X | S and PC. It will also be included in the Game Pass catalog. Yesterday we saw a new trailer for the game over at Xbox Developer_Direct.

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