Ukraine: Putin is moving the nuclear spectrum, today negotiations between Kiev and Moscow – the world

Ukraine: Putin is moving the nuclear spectrum, today negotiations between Kiev and Moscow – the world

New explosions were heard in Kiev and Kharkiv A little after three in the morning, after a few hours of apparent calm. This was reported on its Telegram channel by the State Communications Service, according to reports from Ukrainska Pravda. According to the same sources, a Russian missile hit an apartment building in the center of the city of Chernihiv. The building caught fire but it is still unknown if and how many people were involved.

Belarus is about to join the Russian forces On the ongoing war in Ukraine: The independent Kiev newspaper reported that it quoted unidentified “sources”, adding that the entry into the Belarus war could take place “within hours”. The decision will be made and the first transport aircraft Il-76 can take off at 5 am local time with paratroopers on board. In the past few hours, a constitutional referendum has passed in Belarus allowing Russia to place nuclear weapons on its territory, while excluding any “military aggression from the territory” of Belarus.

On the cusp of the global nuclear crisis, Kiev and Moscow decided to negotiate. While Ukraine remains besieged by enemy forces, with the capital bombed and the battle raging in Kharkiv, the gateway to the east, Vladimir Putin puts Russia’s nuclear defense system on alert, prompting delegates to meet on the banks of the Pripyat River on Monday. . suburbs of Belarus. A border land claimed by Volodymyr Zelensky’s government for political and security reasons, after Alexander Lukashenko also allowed an invasion from his territory. Moscow’s dramatic acceleration, with the nuclear spectrum evoked, marks a new phase in the conflict strategy, with an ever broader front. The Russian president, gathering military leaders, makes a declaration that risks plunging the world once again into the nightmare of nuclear war. “The Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff ordered that the deterrence forces of the Russian army be put on special alert in response to aggressive statements from the West,” Putin ordered. Words suddenly exacerbate the dimensions of the crisis. For the Pentagon, this is an “escalation” that would lead to a miscalculation and could “make things more serious”. But the United States is “confident in its ability to defend itself and its allies.” The US defense is not lopsided about the true extent of the threat, while Berlin speaks of a move dictated by frustration at the slowdown of the offensive. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg also condemned the “aggressive rhetoric”, while the UN Security Council called for a new emergency meeting on Monday. Therefore, negotiations for a ceasefire promise to be arduous but extremely urgent. He reassured Zelensky in an interview “without preconditions”, who does not hide the difficulties. “I don’t believe very much in the outcome of this meeting, but let’s try,” warned the president, who has become a symbol of the Ukrainian resistance, who received a promise of a truce in the area of ​​the talks. Kiev’s approval of the negotiations came based on Moscow’s ultimatum, while its foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, viewed nuclear readiness as a means of “pressure”.

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The constant bombardment also led to the negotiations. As Moscow brought tanks and other rocket launchers into the country, loud explosions were heard all day in Kiev, as anti-aircraft sirens began to sound repeatedly into the night, sending residents rushing to subway shelter. and in other shelters. Zelensky renewed his accusation of raids on houses, but the Russians also did not turn over the reports of the dirty war, accusing the Ukrainian forces of torturing “a few captured Russian soldiers” and “the extensive use of phosphorous-laden ammunition on the outskirts of Kiev.” . There are many centers under siege, from Kherson to Berdyansk to Mariupol, along the strip north of Crimea on the Sea of ​​Azov. In these hours, the battle rages first of all in Kharkiv, near the Russian border north of Donbass, where the separatist militias meanwhile continue to advance. After a night of fighting, the Ukrainian army claimed to have regained control of the city, but the fighting did not stop and the damage was extensive, with a gas pipe bursting.

The UN budget says at least 64 civilians have been killed and more than 170 injured since the invasion began, with hundreds of homes, bridges and roads destroyed, while UN agencies and humanitarian partners have suspended operations in Ukraine. But according to the Kiev government, at least 210 civilians have been killed and more than 1,100 injured. Refugee fears are also getting stronger, with “at least 400,000 Ukrainians entering the European Union” and the risk of more than 7 million people being displaced if the war continues. The more muscles swelled, the more isolated Russia remained. One by one, Western countries – including the entire European Union – announced the closure of airspace to Moscow companies. Ban does not spare private aircraft from the few, while moratorium on commercial ships is also evaluated. The series of sanctions that, according to Lukashenko, are “worse than war” and push Putin “towards a third world war” are also continuing. But Europe has now also pulled back in military aid to Kiev and Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has voiced support for volunteers who want to join the international brigades on the side of the Ukrainians. A historic announcement also comes from Sweden, which by sending 5,000 anti-tank missile launchers abolishes the principle that rules out arms delivery to countries in conflict: a choice it hasn’t made since 1939. The year Putin seems to have accelerated the world again.

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