Fixing water leaks in Badalona and Santa Coloma will cost $36 million

Fixing water leaks in Badalona and Santa Coloma will cost $36 million

Until August 2026. If the timer is set to zero as of today, there will be two years and eight months left to split the pipe that will make it possible to fix the water leakage problem at Barcelonès Nord once and for all. . It is estimated that over a period of more than 15 years, about 255,000 liters of drinking water are lost daily in this channel, concentrated in the municipality of Santa Coloma de Gramenet (75,000 liters per day in the Olive Drain) and Badalona (the Olive Drain). It is 180 thousand liters per day.

The Ter-Llobregat (ATL) water supply authority announced the construction of another road parallel to the Bessos River to avoid water loss. The budget for the works is 36 million euros, which will be borne by the supply chain. This was announced by ATL Director, David Villa, yesterday, in front of the media and in the presence of representatives of the municipalities of Montcada, Rexac, Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Badalona.

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At the meeting held in Cardido – specifically at the drinking water treatment plant (ETAP) – Villa explained to the municipal representatives the technical specifications of the project and announced that at the end of this February it would open a public tender to submit bids for the construction of the project. Works are to complete the construction of the fourth section of the sections, which is the last section that has not been completed, as the other three sections were constructed between 2003 and 2009. The construction of this road will begin on September 1, 2024, and the implementation of the works will last 24 months.

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The bulk of the work will depend on the division of the 6.2 km pipeline, which will include the construction of another pipeline parallel to the Besos River through the northern area of ​​Santa Coloma de Gramente and Montcada, which in turn will ensure supply to a population of three million while water service was cut off the previous day for several days. .

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