Benedetta Rossi is not only a cook, but also a doctor: few know her qualifications

Benedetta Rossi is not only a cook, but also a doctor: few know her qualifications

Who doesn’t know Benedetta Rossi’s famous cooking show? Today she is one of the most beloved food bloggers on the web, but few know that she also has important and very different credentials from the world of cooking.

for him Dialect She is unmistakably, a true citizen of Marche, in fact she does not hide it at all and her statements have now gone viral. She is now followed by all cooking enthusiasts as she has truly become an expert in this matter over the years.

Rossi has arrived Important goals on the Internet She has also had successes in television and publishing. He has a simple language but above all, a spontaneity and friendliness that is absolutely infectious, and in his way of explaining, he is aimed not only at more experienced chefs but also at beginners.

Also great results abroad, where I’m from Tutorials Which made it popular in Italy, became popular but above all made the Italian food and wine culture known to the world.

Benedetta Rossi: She’s not just a cook

Benedetta Rossi She was born in Porto San Giorgio but lives in Altedona, on a magnificent estate that once housed the farmhouse she ran with her husband, Marco. He also often appears in Benedetta Rossi’s videos and her stage performances are really funny because unlike her, he is very awkward in the kitchen.

Benedetta Rossi –

Activity has stopped specifically for Professional obligations In this regard, it is interesting to know that success in the culinary field began by chance, in fact, as she herself said, some of her clientscountry house They requested recipes for the excellent dishes served and so he decided to start a YouTube channel where he posts video recipes.

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This was an important starting point for her, and she started little by little She has made herself known on the Internet and on television He has by all means become the most favored food influencer of the moment.

However, not only does she have a great passion for food in her life, Benedetta Rossi actually also holds the title of doctor. And Graduated in Biology These skills have greatly helped her in her experience in the field of artificial intelligence stove.

In fact, Benedetta is clean, precise, tidy and determined. All the qualities he learned at university and, among other things, biology are important to someone else Emotionone for plants.

In fact, among his lessons we also find those that involve the use of medicinal plants e.g Natural remedies For seasonal diseases but also Brilliant tricks you can use at homeFor example, preparing lavender spindles to perfume linen in a creative way.

Benedetta Rossi has a passion for nature and offers it to her followers as well as recipes Garden and plant management tips. This is always a result of his studies in biology and also a result of the teachings of his parents and elderly aunts.

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