Metaphor: ReFantazio, PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC release date announced, new trailer and details

Metaphor: ReFantazio, PS5, PS4, Xbox and PC release date announced, new trailer and details

During the night, a show entirely dedicated to Metaphor: rifantasiothe new ambitious JRPG from Atlus, as the Japanese studio finally revealed the release date of the game scheduled for release on this occasionOctober 11, 2024 For PS5, Xbox Series

This announcement was accompanied by new information Unreleased trailerTitled The King's Trail, it gives us an additional glimpse into the combat system and setting, hints at the plot and a mix of cinematic sequences. You can find it in the player below.

New details revealed by Atlus

Starting from the plot, and from Atlus' presentation, we learn that Metaphor: ReFantazio is set in the fictional United Kingdom of Euchronia, where the assassination of a king has sown chaos in the country. As if that wasn't enough, ancient “royal magic”, a revealing sorcery, was called upon Championship of Thrones: The election of a new ruler, which allows any individual, regardless of race or social status, to become the new king, igniting a heated power struggle.

In all this, the protagonist, accompanied by the precious fairy, will have to find a way to break the curse that controls the prince, the rightful heir to the throne, who is believed dead throughout the country. To do this, he will travel to the kingdom, make alliances and personally participate in the Tournament for the Throne.

In terms of gameplay, the game focuses on A Turn-based combat systemBut the developers have also integrated the ability to attack enemies and dodge their blows in real time, and then engage in a real turn-based battle. However, when you hit real-time enemies that are much weaker than the player's party, they will be instantly eliminated, a dynamic that was introduced to avoid breaking the game's rhythm too much and not boring players with too easy clashes.

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Metaphor: ReFantazio has Job system, called the archetype, with characters that can cover different classes, each characterized by different strengths and abilities. Confirmed archetypes include warrior, mage, thief, brawler, and scholar (type of profession).

The game's environments, both the cities and the surrounding wastelands, are vast, and to speed up travel, players can use magic to transform the protagonist's sword into a type of hoverboard. Moreover, by opening the map in the city, you can instantly get to any point of interest. Outside of the populated centers, the heroes will travel aboard the Gauntlet Runner, a type of giant airship that also serves as a mobile base of operations. During the game we will explore A large number of cellsboth mandatory and optional, more than we've seen in any other Atlus title, according to the studio.

Metaphor: ReFantazio has A system based on dates and the passage of time. For example, it will take a certain number of days to travel to a destination or perform certain tasks. The player is free to spend the available time as they wish, but main quests have a predetermined deadline, a mechanic that will certainly not be foreign to anyone who has played the Persona series.

What do you think, did what you saw convince you? Will you be buying Metaphor: ReFantazio at launch? Let us know in the comments.

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