Tagada, Paolo Meli’s Prophecy about the Future of Russia: What Putin Will Do

Tagada, Paolo Meli’s Prophecy about the Future of Russia: What Putin Will Do

The crisis in Russia and the failed coup leave worrying scenarios open for the future of the Kremlin. This was discussed during an episode aired by Tagada on June 26 on La7. Paolo Meili was also connected. The signing of Corriere della Sera made it clear that Moscow’s power play was still wide open. Unless Putin succeeds in physically eliminating all his rivals.

The author of Corriere della Sera said: “Putin’s leadership is scalable – so out of the four protagonists of this story who are Putin, Shoigu, Gerasimov and Prigozhin, one or two should be killed according to the logic of those who know literature because even assuming two of them are removed (Shoigu and Gerasimov on Ex) They saw the drive as scalable so it’s not guaranteed they won’t try again better than Prigozhin did so this is a game that ends in blood or it will stay open until the second or third climb attempt It has been proven that you can walk over a thousand kilometers to reach To Moscow without being disturbed.In today’s Russia, a rebellion is greeted in a major city like Rostov with cheers and hugs, the leaders of the conspirators chat amiably with those who should be the targets of the plot, then you can get to Moscow and do the bloodshed that this time has been avoided But next time it won’t be avoided. Either Putin has the strength to get the three out of the way or he’ll be in danger for the rest of his days.”

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