What are the most read Cugat Media news in 2023?

What are the most read Cugat Media news in 2023?
1. Online scammers are now impersonating Caixa d'Enginyers: “They took almost €1,000 from me and I've already been told it will be difficult for me to get it back”

Mossos d'Esquadra discovered several new cases of cyber fraud in November. In this case, fraudsters impersonate Caixa d'Enginyers to obtain the victim's data and make money transfers on their behalf. In Sant Cugat, charges have already been filed regarding this online scam. A Sant Cugat woman was robbed of nearly €1,000.

2. A dog bites a woman at a “dog-friendly” place in Sant Cugat

A woman from Sant Cugat was bitten by a Braco Weimar dog in a “dog-friendly” establishment. Because of the severe bite, the victim was on medical leave for more than three weeks and had to receive periodic treatments to heal the wound.

3. The Mossos are alerted to a new virtual scam tactic pretending to be the school administration in Sant Cugat

In October, the Mossos warned all schools in Sant Cugat about a new fraud tactic. In this case, the thieves send emails to families pretending to be members of the school administration, with real names and titles, asking them to collect school receipts with different concepts, and providing them with a number of different accounts than usual to make the entry. In Sant Cugat, two charges were brought for this attempted fraud.

4. A vendor in the old market files a lawsuit against the city council and the concessionaire of the Amitler Origen entrance

Peixagogo, which operates the La Peixateria stalls and the JAPO restaurant in the old market, has filed a lawsuit against the city council and franchisee Gourmets de Sant Cugat, over Ametller Origen's access to the market. Peixagogo is of the opinion that the chain should not have been installed in the market because the franchise's terms and conditions indicate that the stalls must be of a “traditional” nature, a requirement that Ametller will not meet because it is a supermarket, according to the stall holder.

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5. Activating the health protocol for two cases of salmonella in a restaurant in Sant Cugat

The Public Health Agency of Catalonia has activated the food poisoning protocol at Yokoso restaurant. In the end, three customers contracted salmonella poisoning, and two of them ended up being hospitalized. The institution was forced to close its doors for two days.

6. Thau School begins a crusade against the Mbilis in the classroom

Families' concern over the overwhelming presence of cell phones in high schools prompted a group of families and Thau School's AFA to thread the needle. Since September, the school has confiscated the phones of third- and fourth-graders at ESO all day long. Students deposit devices in briefcase-style lockers guarded by teachers.

7. The first school of educational activist Borja Velaseca is located in Sant Cugat

The first school of writer, social entrepreneur and educational activist Borja Villaseca will open its doors next year in Valdorix. Villasecca, who calls himself a “provoker of conscience”, presents an educational project called “Terra” in which pedagogy is applied based on “innate psychology” and in which children and young people are considered “seeds that contain in themselves all the information necessary for their development.”

8. Sant Cugat restores the old wine cellar model with the opening of La Bodegueta

Sant Cugat opened La Bodegueta in February, a new place where you can eat sausages from the city and cheeses from the Pyrenees. Robert Garcia and Mark Thiers, partners of the restaurant, aim to turn the place into a reference point for citizens. The winery, located at No. 5 Carrer Major, serves local produce, as well as a diverse list of wines from all over Catalonia.

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9. The spirit of Bohemia is back with Afnic, a new bar located in movie theaters

The essence of Bohmia has once again taken a place on the night of Sant Cugat with the opening of Afnic, a music bar opened at the end of the sea and located in the cinema area, where the Clssic bar used to be.

10. A child player in the Qbasket team is seriously injured and the club files a lawsuit against the city council

A child player of the Qabasket Sant Cugat team suffered a fracture in the temporal bone in the head after slipping during a training session on the outdoor field of the Catalonia School. The player was admitted to the intensive care unit for two days, and the medical report indicated that he may suffer auditory sequelae depending on the development of the condition.

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