June 5, 2023

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How will the war between Russia and Ukraine end? 4 scenarios predicted by US intelligence, let’s see what they are

How will the war between Russia and Ukraine end? Here are 4 hypotheses

How will it end War between Russia and Ukraine? We see Four scenarios It was predicted by American intelligence, as reported by the newspaper Prophet.

1) The death of Zelensky or Putin. The end of the life of one of the two leaders may lead to the succession of a The new prime ministerwhich will have a choice to do Ending conflict and restoring peace.

2) Attack on Russia. The other possibility is that Ukraine hit the Kremlin. Obviously, the event will lead to aA very dangerous military escalation And the Biden administration is very concerned about this option. Not by chanceIt turned out that the real danger of such an attack is one of the reasons for the reluctance of the United States to supply long-range missiles to Kiev.

3) classified documents. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey RyabkovHe did not rule out that the leaked US secret documents forged And make it intentionally to mislead your country. According to this hypothesis, Russia will feel a direct threat from America, and therefore will act accordingly.

4) China’s role. Russia has become one in all respects economic colony of china, Because his condition is getting worse Isolation from European and American trade. It is possible that, at some point, he can no longer save her economy, and therefore he must Necessarily ask for help from Western countries, raising a white flag against them.