Kostik at Juventus, blew yes. Allegri already sees him as an owner

Kostik at Juventus, blew yes.  Allegri already sees him as an owner

Turin – Juventus intends to appear for the first time with Sassuolo. The market is asking for immediate reinforcements. Talking about it with Marco father From the editorial board:Yes, you need to Filip right away costic. Hot Soro watches to fix everything with Eintracht, keeping the details because the player has already promised himself for the Bianconeri. Juventus’ task is not to allow him to board the plane to Helsinki, where the German team will face Real Madrid in the European Super Cup on Wednesday. Maximilian cheerfulIn fact, the owner sees him on Monday in his first league appearance. So it’s better to stop him and take him to Continassa for visits and resume training“.

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Juventus emergency: Perin with Kostik. And that’s not enough

Problems The coach touches the iron because there is negative news every day. “Wojciech also stayed for twenty days Chisney. Don’t worry, though, because Mattia BERIN He showed last season in the Coppa Italia and in any case every time he was questioned, even against Real in the USA, he was on par.The goalkeeper’s role is covered. Not the offense where you are always looking for the usual vice Vlahovic: Memphis Debye From Barcelona proposed.

Juventus in emergency for Sassuolo: Allegri's possible formation

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Juventus in emergency for Sassuolo: Allegri’s possible formation

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