Starfield will allow you to join all factions in one game, as in Skyrim –

Starfield will allow you to join all factions in one game, as in Skyrim –

starfield will be allowed to join For everyone factions Game at the same time, as was the case in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The information emerged from the latest video in the Constellation Quests series, where lead mission designer Will Shane answered some of the questions the community had about the missions.

In response to the question posed to Bethesda: “We will be able to join multiple factions and complete all of their missions as in Skyrim, or will you join another block like you did in Fallout 4? Shane replied, “One of the first things we decided was that the main mission would give a little tour of all the systems and all the main characters, so that you could get an idea of ​​the work they’re involved in.” We also discussed at the beginning of development the possibility of the factions being in conflict with each other. We decided to make it so that you can play as all factions, regardless of each other. This time we want the stories to be more personal. Will affect the direction of these factions. Let’s say the politics of the Free Star Rangers: Which is more important, justice or industry? Where will you direct them, one way or another? “

Shin then specified that the player would not end up being the boss of each faction, but that of course all the main characters of the factions would be reflected in his choices, with very important consequences.

For the rest, we remind you that Starfield is scheduled for 2023, a date yet to be determined, on PC and Xbox Series X and S.

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