The first group speaks Italian! – OA Sport

The first group speaks Italian!  – OA Sport

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30-15 winning service out of third place in the world.

15-15 Reverse Zverev’s maneuver stops on the bar.

15-0 Great Sinner straight narrows, then fails to sink in with the long line.

17.43 Sinner and Zverev each earned the same number of points in this first set: 33 each. Until the last match in response, the blue won only five points, and still managed to break his opponent twice. 12 winners and 9 free errors for South Tyrol.

7-5 first set of sin! Close the group with ACE! A great first set played by the Italian player, he won it in the comeback against the 3rd seed in the world!

40-0 Zverev still misses forehands! There are three defining points for Sinner!

30-0 outsourced service and straight down the line without fear! A perfect scheme was implemented by Sinner.

15-0 Zverev cross with a forehand into the middle of the net.

6-5 break a sin! Double mistake by Zverev! Third match! A sinner can serve for the first set!

40a Zverev finally gives up! Wrong maneuver, he moved his opponent cleverly, without risking too much. Break the fourth ball!

40-40 what a wrong answer! On Zverev’s insane first dispatch, he managed to strike back and miss the German on the counter.

A-40 is a great first from Zverev who has the first ball going 6-5.

40-40 didn’t find the proper support to play Sinner’s backslide.

40- Wrong Drayton Longolin!! Zverev always had to paddle from afar: the third breaking point!

40-40 What a sin! He didn’t find any depth with the forward sinner who was in charge of the exchange and had many opportunities to engrave.

40-A So close to the pitch at Sinner’s feet, Zverev’s direct foul arrives: New breaking opportunity!

40-40 Zverev first plays and then hits with a forehand.

30-40 double fault by Zverev! Tighten the second at a speed of 214 km / h and does not push! Break the ball!

30-30 Zverev attacks well with a forehand after an excellent serve.

15-30 direct shot from Sasata from Zverev: the wrongdoer cannot defend himself.

0-30 Smash the Sener! Zverev’s hydration is still long, the Italian arrives and closes at the curling!

0-15 Sinner moves the ball very well per second Zverev and forces the German to run.

5-5. Sinner keeps his time at zero: it’s essential that you don’t waste too much energy on this game.

40-0 again Sinner’s straight-serve pivot: Three balls for 5-5.

30-0 serve with an outside and straight trajectory on the other side.

15-0 keeps Sinner inside the exchange and doesn’t risk Zverev with a backhand.

5-4 Zverev. Impeccable game of Germans on duty: Sinner The exchange never started.

40-0 another straight point with Zverev’s serve.

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30-0 The third ace was thrown by Zverev.

15-0 serve in the middle and a safe slap on the fly.

4-4. Count 1-4 Sinner into another very good serving role.

40-30 WHAT IS FOR & SINNER’S VOLLEY! Tame Zverev’s response to perfection by touch.

30-30 seconds of Sinner bouncing off the line especially charged: Zverev’s reply is long.

15-30 guilty fouls with a backhand kick after being caught in the drain.

15-15 Zverev’s response is very deep: He puts his feet on the field and decides with his forehand.

15-0 has a chance to push with a forehand and Sinner doesn’t miss it.

4-3 wrong break counter! Enter with a backhand Sinner, increase the deduction in this exchange, Zverev very passive. Blue is part of this first group!

30-40 is excellent for a first time German.

The second calls from Zverev, corrected by the signal for the ball on the field. The first serve ball is repeated.

15-40 double fault by Zverev! Two points to break the counter in favor of the wrong!

15-30 Sinner’s back pass wasn’t out of the question, but Zverev’s attack was heavy.

0-30 recover sin with straight! Then an excellent passerby with reverse! The decibels of the power plant in Monte Carlo are rising.

0-15 passers-by Sener is still low, Zverev arrives late and misses the shot.

4-2 Zverev. Sinner’s sweet serve off serve: an essential service game for South Tyrol.

40-30 first ace of wrong, precious at the moment.

30-30 Senner arrives poorly in Reverse Tilting: Too slow to go forward.

30-15 Zverev delivers something with a forehand, late in moving to the right.

15-15 Sinner returns to win a point with the serve in the middle after losing 13 in a row.

0-15 Sinner’s front grip is wide, definitely too bad at this start with this base.

4-1 Zverev. Heavy, deep shots for Zverev: Twelve points in a row from 1-1 0-15 for the Teutonic.

40-0 A great backhand and a great transfer for the German goal: 11 points in a row for Zverev.

30-0 The second serve is charged with a kick and Sener fails to respond.

15-0 wrong touch on the fly under the net.

3-1 Zverev break! The German scored with a backhand in a slightly penetrating second of Sinner. The first group is immediately daunting.

0-40 Sinner completely loses his forehand when left and concedes three break points.

0-30 Sinner’s short ball in the lane after a continuous diagonal backhand exchange.

0-15 wide forehand Sinner, which had the potential to move the match.

1-2 Zverev. The German served only a second so far: another very strong serving time.

40-15 another straight point with the German’s serve and two chances for 2-1.

15-30 gentle serve in the middle then a slight forehand closing.

15-15 Snr falls a bit short and starts hitting Zverev with a forehand.

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0-15 responds to the great sinner, putting his feet inside the field and closing with his forehand.

1-1. External and direct transmission on the other hand: Sinner’s also excellent start in transmission.

40-15 Zverev’s reply is only in the aisle: 2 occasions for 1-1.

30-15 Zverev takes out nicely with a backhand along the line, taking advantage of the free space on the right by Sinner.

30-0 Nice outdoor track with first serve: Zverev doesn’t hold back on the field.

15-0 starts with a winning serve in the middle of the wrongdoer.

1-0 Zverev. The German player closes the first serve match with a header.

40-0 response vs Sinner runs away by a hair in length.

30-0 forced to short Sinner with a forehand, Zverev closes down the line.

15-0 Sinner does not keep pace in the left diagonal.

The meeting begins! In service Alexander Zverev!

16.46 The warm-up for Ranieri III of Montecarlo has already begun.

16.44 Jannik Sinner’s main unknown is the physical aspect: A South Tyrolean physiotherapist called into the match with Coric for abdominal problems and yesterday due to a blister in his left foot.

16.42 Three precedents among the players: In 2020 at Roland Garros Sener, Zverev won four sets, Zverev avenged the same year in Cologne and last season at the US Open.

16.40 A proper rating factor is also suitable for Jannik Sinner: the semi-finals would give him a counter-overrun for 11th in the standings against Carlos Alcaraz.

16.38 Zverev’s victory in Monte Carlo will be very important in the race to #1: The Hamburg player will find himself just over 200 points behind Djokovic.

16.36 Zverev faced nothing in the first two rounds, beating Delbonis and Carreno Busta in two sets, despite two empty passes at the start of the partial seconds. The German seemed the fittest among the big names.

16.34 Today’s win would give Sinner his first success against the Top 5: so far 10 defeats in 10 matches.

16.32 Italian Borna Coric hit three sets in the first round, and Emil Rosofori won two sets, and yesterday he won for the seventh time in his career against the top ten, defeating Andrei Rublev in a comeback 5-7, 6-1, 6-3.

16.30 Today Yannick Sener plays his first-ever claycourt Masters 1000 quarter-final: ahead of him is the No. 2 seeded player in the tournament, the highest remaining player in the race, given the early elimination of Novak Djokovic.

16.28 Welcome back to OA Sport Friends. Grigor Dimitrov reached the semi-finals in Monte Carlo for the second time in his career, defeating Hubert Hurkacz in the third set of the tiebreak. In a few minutes Sinner and Zverev will take the field.

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15.16 It will be the third set that decides who will go to the semi-finals between Dimitrov and Hurkacz: Pole won the second set 6-3. At the end of this match, it will be Sinner and Zverev’s turn to play the third quarter-finals of the day.

14.34 Grigor Dimitrov won the first set 6-4 in 35 minutes over Hubert Hurkacz. We remind you that at the end of this match will be the moment of Janek Şener, who opposes Alexander Zverev.

13.47 Good morning friends OA Sports. The first scheduled match for Campo Ranieri III in Montecarlo has just ended: Alejandro Davidovich Fokina wins the semi-finals by regrouping Taylor Fritz. Dimitrov-Hurcach will start soon, then Sener and Zverev will take the field.

Background between Sinner and ZverevSinner’s Ranking Predictions

Hello OA Sport friends and welcome Live broadcast of the match between Yannick Sener and Alexander Zverev, valid for the quarter-finals of the Masters 1000 in Monte CarloThe first tournament at this level of the season on clay.

kafir Released after success against him Andrey Rublev: South Tyrol put in an impressive performance by reclaiming the Russian and winning for the first time in his quarter-final career at the 1000 level on clay. To assess the pimple problem Blue suffered yesterday: already in the first round against Coric there was a medical reprieve due to abdominal discomfort. The win would mean the second semi-final in the 1,000th career after last year in Miami, as well as in Holy Week.

Zverev Among the big names in which he appeared the most focused: Djokovic and Alcaraz Rod They came out, Tsitsipas wasn’t quite convinced against Djeere, while the German didn’t even give a chance to it Delbonis And Carino Posta. The second quarter-final in the principality for the Hamburg player after the 2018 match in which he defeated Richard Gasquet. Of the five thousand five titles, three were relegated: one in Rome and two in Madrid.

three Previous Among the players: The Italian won 2020 at Roland Garros in the round of 16, while the German defeated Cologne and the US Open last season. Success will allow Sinner to rise to 11th place in the standings, ahead of Carlos Alcaraz.

Brought to you by OA Sport LIVE LIVE by Sinner-Zverev, Masters 1000 Quarterfinals in Montecarlo. The match is scheduled as a third match starting at 11.00 on Campo Ranieri III in the Principality and will be visible on Sky Sport Uno, Sky Sport Tennis (Sky 201 and 205) and in live broadcasts on Sky Go and Now Tv. . cheerful!

Photo: LiveMedia/Jean Catuffe/DPPI

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